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During the commemoration of the day of the Battle of Boyacá and the National Army, the Third Party held a beautiful ceremony in Medellín.

The reason for commemorating this date as Army Day is that the victory in the battle of the Boyacá Bridge sealed the decisive defeat of the Armies of the King of Spain, clearing the way for the Liberation Army to occupy the capital, Santafé, which would later serve as a base of operations for future definitive military actions for the emancipatory project in South America.

According to historians, if the victory of August 7 could not have been achieved, it would have been very likely that the independence of other countries (such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) would have been frustrated.

The National Army in its transformation plan for the future establishes as a policy the comprehensive development of men and women as beings capable of permanently strengthening their family and work ties, the implementation of psychosocial care programs; education, welfare and recreation for the improvement of the quality of life of officers, non-commissioned officers, professional soldiers, civilians and their families, all of the above in the internal environment.

And in the general environment, they are a family of more than 240,000 men and women called the National Army. “For decades we have united in one heart to serve Colombia, and what better opportunity than our anniversary to ratify that daily commitment, a commitment that is always present in every action we take; for example, when we support relief agencies during an emergency, when we evacuate the sick peasant, regardless of the kilometers that we must carry on our shoulders, or the skills that a pilot of our aircraft must do to be able to take him alive to a center medical”stated the Institution.

There is also that family love, when in a day of support for development, they can take a medical consultation to those most vulnerable and remote communities, for which, as simple as it may seem, it becomes a luxury to be able to consult a specialist who improves your health conditions; «when we can bring hope through the transport of drinking water; when the soldiers manage to bring smiles with one of our circuses, or the military engineers improve a way for our children to go to school, that is where we contribute to the construction of a better country”, they indicated.

Among the objectives of the Institution is to highlight the being of the soldier, his personal sphere, which is part of the great family of the National Army, and for that family and for Colombia is that the soldiers defend and protect this nation during their service. , through territorial control operations, as well as bringing progress to remote regions.

In the Army, the surname will continue to be the central axis of the campaign, where the Pérez, Rodríguez, Corredor, Coba and Ordóñez, among many others, come together to become the largest family: Colombia.

Happy birthday to the National Army.

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