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The Police captured in Medellín a subject accused of fatally wounding his own father.

Video: Minute30

The incident occurred in the last few hours in the Puertas del Sol urbanization.

According to reports, a man argued with his son, inside his home, during the night of Tuesday, November 22, and threw him out; At dawn, the son returned and, apparently, the man did not like this, they started a new discussion.

They claim that in the middle of the fight, the son stabbed his own father several times. They say that he wounded him in the back, in the arms and in the heart.

The man was helped and transferred to a medical center but, unfortunately, he did not resist and died.

The Police immediately learned of the event, reacted and captured the alleged attacker when he was moving in the vicinity of UVA de la Aurora.

People close to the family experiencing the tragedy indicate that the alleged attacker would have psychiatric problems.

*The moral victim was identified as Mauricio AM, 47 years old.

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Photo: Minute30

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