Four Antioquia municipalities report emergencies due to heavy rains

The rains continue to affect the country and Antioquia. On August 5, the municipal disaster risk management councils of Amagá, Cisneros, San Roque and Andes reported emergencies associated with them, events in which more than 200 families were affected.

In these Antioquia municipalities there are currently geologists, technicians, psychosocial professionals and humanitarian aid has been delivered.

The first reported event was in Andeswhere a mass movement on the road structurally affected 42 homes in the La Linda neighborhood, Puente Seco sector, Carrera 50 exit towards Jardín.

These homes were evacuated and shelters were set up in the coliseum and the municipal preventorium. In addition, a Public Calamity was declared to attend to this and other emergencies presented in previous days.

In Cisneros a sudden increase in the San Germán ravine was recorded, which generated floods in the Punto Rojo, La Y and Bolívar street sectors. The preliminary report given at noon is of 70 affected families. Dagran’s team of geologists went to the area to assess the risk conditions.

On the other hand, in San Roquea sudden increase was reported on the San Roque creek, causing flooding in five neighborhoods and affecting the families of 150 homes who lost belongings and mattresses, for which the Dagran will send humanitarian aid.

Feint reported partial collapse of the entrance bridge.

Jaime Enrique Gómez, director of the Dagran, stressed that heavy rains are expected this weekend, ending in the afternoons, at night and early morning, mainly in the Urabá, Bajo Cauca, Northeast, East, Valle de Aburrá and Southwest subregions.

Fortunately, no deaths were reported in these emergencies due to the heavy rains.

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