Four automotive investments can be made in Hungary

Debrecen appears to be the new home of the largest battery market in China, CATL. In early May, a South Korean business news site,, reported on a possible project to buy a 200-hectare site in Hungary as part of the company’s international expansion.

According to the Portfolio, CATL recently posted a job ad on LinkedIn listing Debrecen as the place to work and looking for a full-time job in electrical engineering. The text of the description also reveals that labor is being sought for the construction of a new plant, primarily for the preparation of a general plan for the water supply and drainage system. It is not yet known how large CATL’s investment in Hungary may be (if any).

NIO would also build a factory in Hungary

According to rumors, the NIO may also see a potential base in Hungary. One of the most important players in the production of electric cars in China would manufacture battery replacement stations and charging poles in Hungary. NIO designs its electric cars according to a unique vision, as they use not only the installed, conventional versions with a battery, but also a battery replacement solution, which in short does not charge the replaced battery, but replaces it with a charged one. The first stop on the company’s European expansion was Norway earlier this year, but another 20 factories are planned to be handed over this year.

Volkswagen’s battery plant would be built in Eastern Europe

Volkswagen would also build a battery plant in Eastern Europe, with Hungary in addition to the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia as potential targets. THE Portfolio According to the information provided by Volkswagen, the ranking has already been set up, on the basis of which an order has been established between the four countries and the sites offered, on the basis of which the management of the group will make its final decision.

I can imagine that electric drive systems will be made in Győr in the future. Our goal is to make everything in our cars and everything that basically determines the comfort of our customers in Győr

Said Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Audi Hungaria, earlier.

Volvo would expand in Europe

Among the possible locations for Volvo’s new European plant is Hungary. A Chinese group of companies, Geely, bought the legendary Swedish carmaker in 2010, and their sales figures have been soaring ever since. There is so much interest in Volvo’s vehicles that their production network is strained, especially in the European market, which is served by the company’s plants in Ghent and Gothenburg. As a result, it is essential for Volvo to build a new production base in Europe.

It is important to note that no official notification has been received in any of the cases so far.

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