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Last week, the Antwerp criminal court sentenced four Colombians for fourteen thefts and an attempt to do so during the Tomorrowland dance festival in Boom. They received a year in prison, of which only pre-trial detention counts as an effective part, and a fine of 1,600 euros. The four had come to the festival especially to commit thefts.

jvhSource: BELGA

The Rapid Theft team of the Antwerp police zone supervised the festival grounds on July 30, 2022. At the main stage, the inspectors noticed a man of South American origin who had a Croatian flag draped over his shoulders. The man, later identified as Luis SS, paid more attention to the festival-goers’ possessions than to the performances. He then went to the drinks stand and made contact with Geovanny MF, Jordy LS and Astrid GC. They then mingled with the festival goers while dancing.

The inspectors saw how they regularly stopped behind someone and then tried to open a handbag or backpack or remove a necklace. The four were rounded up and taken to a tent for a body search. Two bank cards that were not in his name, three necklaces and four mobile phones were found at Luis SS that were hidden in his underpants. He also had a card with the details of a locker at Tomorrowland. It contained eleven mobile phones, which turned out to be stolen.

The mobile phones of the defendants were read and it turned out that they had already visited several festivals in Europe. A photo of a piece of paper was found in Astrid GC’s device on which different types of mobile phones and their value were listed. Also in Geovanny MF’s device were photos of mobile phones with amounts. The devices were on aluminum foil, ready to be wrapped. One of the photos showed 26 mobile phones.

Luis SS minimized the facts: he had only kept the stolen goods for others. His three accomplices denied any involvement. The court found their guilt on fourteen thefts proven. They were acquitted for the theft of three necklaces.


Earlier this month, two Colombians were also convicted of eight thefts of mobile phones, seven at Tomorrowland and one at Graspop. William GO and Orlando CD had already visited thirteen festivals or mass events in Europe when they ran into the lamp at Tomorrowland this summer. A photo of 43 mobile phones displayed on a bed was found in Orlando DC’s mobile phone, which he may have stolen at a festival in Germany. They confessed to the facts and received three years in prison, of which one year was effective, and a fine of 2,000 euros.

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