Four countries looking for Argentines to work
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In Canada there are opportunities as a Financial Advisor, Administrative Assistant, Tradesperson, Accountant, Web Developer, Nurse, Human Resources Manager, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Doctor and Project Manager, among others.

There are also possibilities for people specialized in technology, with possibilities for developers, programmers, and related positions.

In the case of not having a degree, in Canada they are also looking for people for jobs such as receptionist, heavy bus driver, manual labor operator, glass washer, waiter, kitchen assistant, cleaner and cashier, among other positions that can be applied for. access with fewer qualifications, but equally well paid in the country.

Job opportunities in Ireland

Optum, an American healthtech startup (companies that combine the field of health with technology), which provides care services and provides medical care and pharmacy benefits, is looking for employees to work in Ireland, for which Argentines can apply.

One of the main platforms dedicated to disseminating these labor proposals in various countries on the planet, especially in Europe, is

Among the main profiles What is the company looking for? work in irelandthere are the following:

  • Associate Director of Network Pricing Strategy (hybrid)
  • Epic Lead
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Principal Data Analyst
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer
  • Principal Cloud Engineer
  • software engineer
  • Full Stack Software Engineer
  • epic manager

Job opportunities in Italy

According to Just Landed, the platform with job offers abroad, some of the proposals that Italy offers to perform professionally include sectors such as: accounting, agriculture, airlines, banking and finance, biotechnology, commerce, consulting, travel and tourism, IT, insurance and services, among others.

Specifically, between various roles Listed on the jobs site are:

  • Customer Support
  • reporting analyst
  • Commercial autonomous
  • quality consultant
  • waiter
  • Web and mobile developer (iOS and Android)
  • Graphic designer
  • animation director
  • quality specialist
  • Freelancers for sporting events
  • Marketing manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Cook
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • C++ Software Engineer
  • project manager
  • Life jacket

It should be noted that in most cases at least a basic level of the language is required, beyond the skills of the job for which it is applied.

Job opportunities in Uruguay

Uruguay it is one of many countries that opens the doors to Argentinesat the time of to find a job. In fact, he recently opened a job callalthough with certain requirements.

According to the data published by PageGroup Argentina & Uruguay, the sectors with the greatest demand are from companies dedicated to technology, finance, health, human resources and pharmaceuticals. However, without compliance with the rules imposed by the Uruguayan Government, it becomes impossible to apply.

As published by the Western Union site for Latin America, for find a job it is necessary to request a residence visaThe process is carried out through the country’s National Migration Directorate.

There are three types of permits available, which vary according to the time the person plans to stay in the country and can be temporary or permanent.


Requirements to work in Uruguay

Before entering the neighboring territory, you will have to take into account the following documentation.

Provisional Identity Sheet

This allows you to work in Uruguay for a period of less than 180 days (6 months) without the possibility of renewal.

Mercosur Temporary Residence

Aimed at foreigners born in Mercosur countries that allows them to stay in Uruguay for a period of up to 2 years. It is not necessary to present means of support or address.

Permanent residence

Essential so that you can work in Uruguay for more than 2 years and any citizen of the Mercosur countries can request it. The procedure can be requested from any Uruguayan consulate in Argentina or directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay.

They also explain that it is essential to have completed primary and secondary education and present the certificate of educational title.

While, who wish to have Mercosur permanent residence in Uruguay, they must have:

  • Passport and ID
  • Criminal record (apostilled from the country or countries where you lived in the last five years)
  • Card certifying vaccination against measles
  • Tetanus to be able to request the appointment before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


What can I work in Uruguay?

  • Planning and reporting analyst
  • Supplier payment analyst
  • Accounting analyst
  • data analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • senior accountant
  • Customer Representative
  • Web developer
  • account executive
  • business executive
  • Administration and Finance Manager
  • maintenance technicians

Anyway, if you are looking for a job, we suggest one of the main sites to find out what vacancies are in the country. Is about Indeeda platform that allows you to subscribe to alerts to know new posts and, moreover, apply to them.

There you will be able to see in full what are the most outstanding job offers.

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