Jeff with the cows.

VTM describes the past season as the most successful ever. At the end there were finally three couples with farmer Cyriel and Els, farmer Kim and Emi, and farmer Eline and Lorenz. Farmer Gary and Els have recently announced that they have split up, and farmer William and Amber decided to stick to a good friendship at the time.

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You use a successful recipe several times, so VTM is once again going for mystery and incognito depiction of the farmers. They have found five new singles, including one woman. The call-up episode will air after the season finale of Family, at 9:05 p.m. Dina Tersago visits Cathy, Jef, Stef and Raphaël. They tell you who they are, but the looks remain a secret for a while. Dina snoops around their home, chats with family members and friends and with the farmers themselves. Who are they? How do they live? What do they look for in an ideal partner and what do they have to offer themselves.

These are the five farmers and farmer’s wife

Jeff is 33 and bitten by the ‘cow bug’. Four years ago he became single again, but now he wants to change that. “I am always good-natured and very happy, but I still miss love. I hope to meet someone who is caring and knows what she wants. Good friends Sara and Twan describe Jef as a smooth, social and funny person. “When we go out, you will find him on the dance floor. It’s a spicy one too man”, they say with a laugh. In Jef’s room, Dina discovers weights, a book about cows and massage oil… It immediately piques his curiosity: can his future love expect a good massage?

Jeff with the cows. © VTM

the smiley Kevin (27) grows raspberries and chicory on his parents’ farm. After more than seven years of being single, he is now looking for that one girl. Mama Annick describes her son as spontaneous, sweet and a hard worker, but also picky. Kevin enjoys the little things in life, such as fishing, barbecuing or a trip to the sea. His brother calls him a social animal with a small heart. “He is single because of his busy life,” he says. Kevin himself describes his greatest asset as follows: “I can be romantic and I can also cook!”

Kevin works on his parents' farm.

Kevin works on his parents’ farm. © VTM

Bee cathy (36) Dina Tersago is allowed to visit a children’s farm. She doesn’t have any children of her own, but she wants them. She is looking for a partner who is her best friend in life. “I’m looking for someone with a big heart who offers me safety, who is a teddy bear and a six-pack is also a nice bonus,” Cathy says with a laugh. Friends and family describe her as a cheerful, social and dynamic woman with a passion for life and who wants to move forward. “She is all positivity,” it sounds. “If you are in her heart, she will go all the way and she can also talk about everything. She is really the catch of the town† When Dina takes a look at Cathy’s bedroom, she also discovers that there is a sexy side to her.

Cathy has a petting zoo.

Cathy has a petting zoo. © VTM

The youngest of the five is the 25-year-old Raphael† A farrier who is always in a good mood. A tough hunk with a gingerbread heart who loves motorcycles and horses, but is still looking for a girl who will drive him crazy. He can completely relax on his idyllic riding school. “I like to be among people and here I have my place where I can do my own thing. All I miss is the love to share this with. I am ready to step into a serious relationship.” Good friend Boris calls him a real bon vivant and someone who will do anything for his wife and friends. “Whoever wins his heart has won the lottery.”

Raphael is a farrier.

Raphael is a farrier. © VTM

And finally there is also the 28-year-old Stef† Smiley and ambitious. He runs a dairy farm with his parents. He is positive in life. “He is never ill-tempered. He is very committed in everything he does and always goes for it one hundred percent. Also in a relationship,” say friends Jens and Thomas. Sister Lotte and daddy Paul also have nothing but praise for him. “He is very driven, a real worker and always in the mood for a joke.” Stef is also building a house, where both Dina and the women will soon be able to take a look. “I’m building my own house in an old barn,” he says. “The house is too big to live in alone, so I would say: if there are candidates, come down.” (laughs)

Stef runs a dairy farm with his parents.

Stef runs a dairy farm with his parents. © VTM

Registrations for interested parties start Friday evening via When the new season will be shown, will be announced later.

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