Four tricks to improve the internet connection on your phone

In addition, on other occasions we blame our cell phone when, probably, the problem is the modem that should provide us with agile navigation and it is not doing so.

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Reset network settings

It is often not taken into account to the phone’s network settings as one of the main problems. Resetting the WiFi modem, for example, usually solves the problem of a slow or cut connection.

Our cell phone can automatically connect to this network, so users they do not usually detect WiFi as the main obstacle to navigate correctly.

In the settings you must select Settings – mobile networks – network operator and deactivate “select automatically”. Once this change has been made, restart the phone.

Wipe cache

Important “elements” or “parts” of applications, pages or even files are stored in this memory, which are key for these resources to open faster on the phone. That is why the Android cache -just like that of computers- makes the cell phone become congested and take up more space than normal.

By clearing the cache we can free up key space so that the cell phone can browse faster, therefore it is not harmful and no data will be lost if you delete it. To do this, go to Settings > Storage (sometimes it’s in the “General” section) and click on Cached data.

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use lite browser

Most applications have their lite version: the same app, but lighter and with fewer functions than usual. They require less memory and less data to function properly.

The same thing happens with web operators. Google Chrome, one of the most used browsers in the world, has its lite version to use less mobile data and load web pages faster.

Delete apps

If all else failed, it’s time to choose: we will have to uninstall some malicious or harmful applications to free up space on the phone and thus speed it up.

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It is recommended to eliminate some that can also be used from a browser, although it is also important that the ones we take out are the heaviest, to gain more capacity on the cell phone.

Apps can be uninstalled from two places: the application store “Play Store” or from Settings > Applications, where we will also have the option “uninstall” entering each of the programs.

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