Doses will be available at three health facilities this weekend.  (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami/Archive)
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As of tomorrow, booster doses will be released for those who are 30 years old and took the 3rd dose four months ago

Doses will be available at three health facilities this weekend. (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami/Archive)

Starting this Saturday (19), people aged 30 or over, who received the 3rd dose against covid-19 at least four months ago, will be able to look for the vaccine rooms to make the 4th booster. Sesau (Municipal Health Secretariat) points out that in view of the escalation in the number of cases and the possibility of circulation of new variants of the coronavirus, it is important that the population has the complete vaccination scheme.

“The primary scheme, of most vaccines, is two doses, however, the Ministry of Health recommends these two reinforcements, since over time it is noticed that there is a reduction in the effectiveness of the vaccine”, explains the municipal secretary of health, José Mauro Filho.

He also clarifies that the vaccine is the best way to avoid serious cases of the disease. “We still don’t have confirmed cases of the Ômicron subvariant in Campo Grande, but in neighboring states there are already confirmed cases. It is a matter of time before it is registered here as well”, he adds.

According to the secretary, the number of visits to patients with respiratory symptoms was discharged in Campo Grande, a situation seen with concern by the folder, mainly because only half of the public who were already able to receive the 4th dose, sought the vaccine rooms.

In 2022, 89,000 cases of covid-19 were confirmed in the Capital, but with the population vaccinated, according to Sesau, most did not need hospitalization. Covid has killed 4,600 people in the city since the start of the pandemic.

“After expanding vaccination, the lethality of the disease, as well as the serious cases where the patient needed to be hospitalized and was using a mechanical respirator, reduced significantly, and we cannot allow us to go back to having terrifying scenarios like those experienced in the past”, says José Mauro, concluding that despite being called reinforcement, “does not mean that they are optional”.

This weekend, the vaccine will be applied from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm at the UBSs Dona Neta (Guanandi), Dr. Judson Tadeu Ribas (Moreninhas) and 26 de Agosto (located at Rua Rui Barbosa, in the central area).

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