Fradi also won the Hungarian Cup after the championship

Paks made it to the finals of the series for the first time in its history, and although the odds weren’t in favor, it topped the NB I scoreboard. Under the leadership of Ádám Martin, the Tolna County team defeated Ferencváros in the last mirror race in the championship, which won 3–0 in the Groupama Arena.

Of course, György Bognár called the starter a 31-time successful striker in the OTP Bank League, while the former FTC favorite, Dániel Böde, was only placed on the bench. On the other side, to some surprise, Tokmac Nguen wasn’t even there, so the teams stood up:

Ferencváros: Dibusz – Botka, Blazic, S. Mmaee – Esiti, Laidouni – Auzqui, Zachariassen, Pászka – F. Boli, Marquinhos.

Thick: Nagy G. – Szélpál, Lenzsér, Szabó J. – Windecker, Balogh B. – Szabó B., Haraszti, Kovács, N. – Ádám.

There were more than 30,000 seats in the stadium, and of course the Fradists were in the majority, so the stands rang from them. In addition, the playground was completely covered with red-white-green smoke after the Anthem, so the meeting could only start with a five-minute delay.

The first opportunity had to wait until the 6th minute, which came before Paks: With the huge kick of Gergely Nagy, Zsolt Haraszti could scoot all the way to the right corner of the five, but his shot bounced off Miha Blazic to the bottom right corner. The squad, which stood up only with Hungarian players, was more active in the continuation as well, Ferencváros did not like the aggressive attack and the defended defense that characterized the Paks team in the first quarter of an hour.

Stanislav Cherchesov his team, on the other hand, did not swear to dominate the field or create situations, but to score the leading goal, which was born of the first worthy attack in the 16th minute:

Aissa Laidouni noticed Zachariassen starting well at 16, who touched Marquin Length in a handkerchief area and kicked the rebound from 10 yards between A’s big legs, 1-0.

The hit hit the Paks so much that they got another one almost immediately, Marquinhos beat his defender ugly on the right wing and then curved perfectly to the long-arriving Franck Bolih, who was bombed into Gergely the Big instead of the almost empty goal.

Soon after, Zachariassen could have doubled the advantage, but with great grief, he deflected the Norwegian player’s close header. In the 35th minute, Carlos Auzqui fired the top bar from a good 24-25 meters, then Boli missed a goal, hitting the side net from an angled angle, so the result did not change until the break.

The second half also started with Fradi ziccer, Laidouni teased Marquinos to the right on the right, who scored from 14, but Nagy blocked that attempt and the bouncer was just high for Zachariassen in the top five. After that, the match stopped a bit, but Ferencváros still controlled the game, and György Bognár tried to update with substitutions: Máté Sajbán, Olivér Tamás and Böde Dániel arrived, the latter received a huge applause from both camps.

The draw came from almost nothing, but almost immediately the equalizer came, but Nikolasz Kovács bombed Tamás’ left-hand pass to the spectators right next to the right-hand corner of the top five.

The FTC came to mind and immediately shifted to a higher gear, and Boli closed the essentials in the 83rd minute:

After a sensational pass from Stjepan Loncar, the Ivorian striker turned the gate to knock Norbert Szélpál off, then rolled flat into the long corner, 2-0!

And once a business starts: three minutes later this time Henry Wingo teased Boli perfectly, firing the top left from 16 meters, 3-0!

After five years, Fradi won the Hungarian Cup again, winning the gold medal in the series for the 24th time in its history, and doubling for the eighth time.


Ferencváros TC – Paksi FC 3–0 (1–0)
Budapest, Puskás Arena, 38,979 spectators. Led by: Bognár T.
Ferencváros: Dibusz – Botka (Vécsei, 81.), Blazic, S. Mmaee – Esiti, Laidouni – Auzqui (Wingo, 76.), Zachariassen, Pászka (Civic, 76.) – F. Boli, Marquinhos (Loncar, 59.). Head coach: Stanislav Cherchesov
Thick: Nagy G. – Szélpál, Lenzsér, Szabó J. (Osváth, 85.) – Windecker, Balogh B. (Sajbán, during the break) – Kovács N. (Nagy R., 80.), Haraszti (Böde, 66.), Szabó B. (Tamás O., 66.), Medgyes – Ádám. Head coach: György Bognár
Scorer: Zachariassen (16th), Boli (83rd, 86th)

(Cover image: Anderson Esiti (b) from Ferencváros and Ádám Martin from Paks played in the final of the Hungarian Cup of Ferencváros in the TC – Paksi FC match in Ferencváros on May 11, 2022. Photo: Tibor Illyés / MTI)

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