The train in France, this incredible bazaar
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Tired? Possibly demotivated? Without energy to act, or almost? If you are among the French who responded in this sense in the study published by the Jean-Jaurès Foundation and Ifop at the end of last week, don’t give up. Not only is it Saturday, so a day when many of us can precisely venture to “do nothing”. But in addition, you have probably provided a moment of happiness to a columnist of the Daily Telegraph. At the beginning of the week, the latter seized, with his legendary joy, information on the “lazy epidemic” which affects France to draw from it the very pleasant title: “The French are more lazy than ever ”. (“And you’ve done enough of that,” are we tempted to say!)

In reality, things being more complex than the headline of a conservative London newspaper about its neighbor across the Channel suggests, the opinion poll in question showed that the Covid-19 epidemic had a lasting changed the way of life and the way of consuming French people, and that it had encouraged them to value leisure. She also has

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