Francia Márquez thanks Colombia for historic change

The elected vice president of Colombia, Francia Márquez, thanked this Sunday “all the Colombian men and women who gave their lives for this moment”, during her first public message to the people, after knowing the first official results of the scrutiny of the second electoral round. .


Gustavo Petro wins second presidential round

The first woman elected as vice president of this South American country recalled in her speech all the social leaders, young people and women who were disappeared and killed in the past for longing for a hopeful future for Colombia.

“To all of them, who I know are accompanying us from somewhere at this historic moment for Colombia, we thank you. Thank you for having made the way. Thank you for sowing the seed of resistance and hope”, he declared.

Márquez extended his greetings to all those involved in the electoral results this Sunday, “the Alternative Democratic Pole and its president Alexander López. I want to greet the Historical Pact and of course, I want to greet the Broad Front with love and joy, which led this entire process.”

The running mate of the president-elect, Gustavo Petro, recognized the role of women, youth, children, workers, people with disabilities, peasants, indigenous people and the Afro-descendant community in the victory in the second return of the presidential elections.

“Brothers and sisters, we have advanced in a very important step (…) we achieved a government of the people, a popular government; the government of the people with calloused hands; the government of the common people; the government of the nobodies and the nobodies of Colombia”, assured Márquez.

The newly elected vice president sent a message of inclusion, reconciliation, peace and pro-environment.

“We are going for social justice; We women are going to eradicate the patriarchy of our country. We are going for the rights of the diverse LGTBIQ+ community. We are going for the rights of our Mother Earth, of the Big House, to take care of our Big House, to take care of our biodiversity. Let’s go together to eradicate structural racism ”, Márquez concluded her intervention.

Francia Márquez is a lawyer and activist, who defends the rights of the dispossessed, who assumes as vice president of Colombia to promote initiatives of human and women’s rights, racial justice and related to the care of the life of all people in the country. south american

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