Frederik Bajart and his wife Tinneke Deleu

Frederik Bajart and his wife Tinneke Deleu

Dilbeek’s entrepreneur Frederik Bajart (46) may not have to appear in court after all. The man was once charged with raping, torture and kidnapping his babysitter and spent 12 days in jail. In the end, after investigation, almost nothing was left of the allegations and only harassment and threats remained. But now the prosecutor’s office also wants to see those last “leftovers” dismissed.

Dirk Coosemans

In May last year, Frederik Bajart was discredited by a complaint from his babysitter. The woman, also a teacher, accused him of rape, torture, kidnapping and 24 other charges. Bajart was arrested and imprisoned by the investigating judge for 12 days.


But at that time it became clear that the complaints made no sense and were actually made up. The man had an alibi for everything and the victim retracted her statements. A settlement was reached between the two parties, but the court went ahead with the investigation.

In the end, the chambers decided to drop the most serious complaints, but the complaints of harassment and threats were considered serious enough to refer the man on. Bajart’s lawyer, Marijn Van Nooten, was furious about this: “We do not understand the council chamber. The facts of harassment and threat are also clear and proven false. He should have been exonerated completely.” For example, the young woman would have sent the so-called threats to herself from her own mobile phone.

The public prosecutor apparently thinks so and is appealing the decision of the council chamber. “We wanted a complete prosecution and will now ask to dismiss the facts of harassment and threats,” the prosecutor’s office in Halle-Vilvoorde said.


“We are happy about this move by the public prosecutor’s office”, says Tinneke Deleu, wife of Frederik Bajart. “What we have experienced in the past year is a little hell. Our faith in justice is completely gone, completely! My husband was innocent in jail for twelve days. And it’s not over yet. We hope that the case will soon be completely dismissed and that it will now also become clear to the last doubters in the village and surroundings that Frederik has done nothing of all those terrible things.”

It is still not clear why the babysitter made up all these complaints. She may have acted out of a misunderstood infatuation. In the meantime, the young woman is said to be being treated by a psychologist. Her lawyer declined to comment.

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