Everything that is design is an area that demands a lot of personnel

With the new provision of the Central Bank that allows independent workers to bring their dollars into the country without paying them to the official with an annual cap of US$12,000, many interested in working abroad and earning in hard currency are already thinking about what to train to have more chances in the world freelancing.

The star is still the programming and one of the idioms most popular is javascript, due to the large number of projects with this technology. “When it comes to the labor market, we see strong demand for JavaScript. Training in it certainly makes it easier to achieve the first projects such as freelancer and even perfect more professionals senior”, explained Ingrid Zuñiga, Director of Communications for the Latin American online education platform Platzi.

Sebastián Siseles, international vice president of the online job market freelancer.comalso agreed that JavaScript is one of the most searched programming languages ​​along with HTML and Python. “On the site we have 20,000 new projects that are published per day globally and the first major item is Information Technology for the creation of websites and apps. mobile even website changes. In general terms, programming is what is most offered and demanded ”, he detailed in dialogue with THE NATION.

Another great item, according to Siseles, is design. “We talk about graphic design, clothing design, interior design and there is also a lot of architecture and all that is 3D modeling”, described.

On the other hand, Zuñiga said that there are also opportunities to freelancers with softer profiles or oriented to other disciplines such as finance, the marketing and even the journalism. “In our schools of Finance and Investments, Digital Marketing and Digital Journalism we have a variety of students with very different profiles who are looking to improve skills they already have or even take a 180% turn and enter a new industry,” he assured.

Everything that is design is an area that demands a lot of personnel

In this sense, Siseles said that a third category in which freelancers is digital marketing and communication. “Looking for people who do SEM (search engine marketingnamely, search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimizationie search engine optimization) and all that is Instagram and Facebook Ads and the communication part has to do with the writing articles and translations”, pointed out.

In this segment, the UX Writing. “UX Writing is a specialty within the universe of UX/UI Design that is responsible for designing conversations and interactions between the user and a digital platform. Many people with a background in communication seek to improve their economic opportunities by specializing in this”, explained Christian Patiño, CEO and co-founder of the digital skills school CoderHouse.

When it comes to accessing opportunities abroad, technology blockchain and the world of crypto assets It is also a great field for those who want to reconvert their profession without necessarily changing careers.

The average price for a project on Freelancer.com is US$161
The average price for a project on Freelancer.com is US$161

“As these are new and globalized industries, startup that are created around them face the challenge of obtaining specialized human talent in these areas, so those who have knowledge in this regard will be able to be key resources and access better economic benefits. Some of the professions in which this phenomenon occurs -when the talent has knowledge of the industry- are those of community managers and advocacy”, Patino added.

At the beginning of the month it became known that those human beings who provide services abroad in a private way (programmers, accountants, among others) will have the possibility of directly depositing their fees in dollars in financial entities of the country up to a limit of US$12,000 per year, without need to liquidate them in the foreign exchange market.

The operation is already available in the home banking from different banks and the commission varies between US$30 and US$100 depending on the currencies received (US$30 if the amount is less than US$500, US$50 if between US$500 and US$1000 is received, and US$100 if is more than US$1000).

“The US$1,000 are an incipient beginning, but there should be no cap on the dollars that can be brought in because that benefits the worker and the country’s economy because it is declared foreign currency income,” Siseles said, adding that what a freelancer It is very variable and depends on each person.

“The average price of a project on the site is US$161, so it is easy to reach US$1,000 a month if you work, are good and take it as a livelihood. At this moment we have 711,000 registered users in Argentina and of that total 93,238 were registered in the last 12 months”, added the vice president of Freelancer.com.

For his part, Darío Susnisky, academic director of Digital House, said that if a person works as a web developer, they can receive US$1,000 a month and much more depending on the specific position and level of experience. “To get started in this discipline, we offer Full Stack Web Development and Certified Tech Developer training, which is an academic initiative that we co-created together with Mercado Libre and Globant. According to the specialized platform Indeed, a programmer earns an average annual salary of US$72,000 working for the United States”, he closed.

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