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Annual inflation is the highest in nearly 20 years. It went from 12% in April. It should remain above 10% until September, on the cusp of the election. In large part, it is the result of severe global shocks, made worse by the brutal devaluation of the real in 2020 and 2021.

Any government would find it difficult to at least mitigate these shocks (Covid and its sequels, energy crisis, War in Ukraine, etc.). In a country with economic and political stability, the dollar’s rise could have been lower.

It is easy to see that the economy is adrift in a runaway country, subjected to the objectives of an authoritarian project and under the rule of incompetence and negotiator parliamentarians.

The individual who occupies the chair of president therefore seeks not only to camouflage the ruin, but does so by reaffirming his program of dismantling, “against the system.” It combines hunger with the will to authoritarian power, even through armed conflict.

Foolish or conniving naivety has long claimed that Jair Bolsonaro throws smokescreens when more news appears about the ruin he promotes. It is a truth misunderstood by those who enunciate it.

The smoke is toxic, a chemical weapon. With each release of poisonous gases, the country and its institutions are intoxicated with deadly threats.

This Wednesday, for example, Bolsonaro reaffirmed his power program, this time associating it with the possibility of civil war. It is nothing new, in his career of crimes, in which he has preached armed conflict, mass death, shootings, torture and genocide of indigenous people.

“Only dictators fear the armed people. I want every good citizen to have his firearm to resist, if necessary, the temptation of a dictator on duty,” Bolsonaro began, with his usual defense of civilian weaponry. Weapons would serve to defend against external threats (against the invasion of the Amazon, for example), but not primarily.

“You know that the worst threat is not external, it is internal, of communization of our country. We will not reach the situation in which Venezuela is currently living”, said the individual who occupies the chair of President of the Republic.

What is “communization”? It could be anything, as Bolsonaro and his sect have already said that all governments, after the dictatorship, even his, were leftist. He has already said he won the 2018 election in the first round, but he was robbed. Anything goes. But Bolsonaro has defined the enemy that can be the object of armed revolt.

“We all know who defends that regime and who defends their dictator. We don’t want colors other than green and yellow in our land. To tell you that the other side wants exactly what is different from us. We defend the family, we are against abortion. , we are in favor of weapons for good citizens, we are against gender ideology, we are for the freedom of our economy and we are above all for our freedom of expression” —as defined the “other side”, which defends the “communization ” from Brazil.

It is a program, it is a threat, it is a project to subvert the order (there are no established Powers, the State no longer has the legal monopoly of force, political “enemies” can ultimately or in some instance be the object of armed revolt).

“And for you, the Brazilian family, the firearm is a defense of the same and it is a reinforcement for our Armed Forces because the well-armed people will never be enslaved”. The Armed Forces would have the support of something like militias.

Yes, it looks like a project from Venezuela, by the way. More serious, for now, is that armed riots and subversion have entered the conversation for good, just as Bolsonaro had already normalized so many atrocities.​

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