Valeria Rodríguez, director of Lyra Argentina.

The company, originally from Toulouse, France, has been operating in the financial industry for more than two decades through various agreements with the world’s leading banks. In 2017 he arrived in the country with his processor Gateway: PayZen, the so-called “technological gateway” that allows financial entities to access, with a single integration, a direct connection with multiple acquirers, based on secure technology, with redundant infrastructure and at market prices.

Since then, Argentina has become the fastest growing market for the financial market-oriented French technology company. According to company figures, local growth during the first months of the year has reached 40%, surpassing countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile, among others in the region.

The local boom accompanies the global growth of 40.73% registered during 2021. And for the Director of Lyra Argentina this is due to two pillars: on the one hand, the company prioritizes sustainability; on the other, it advocates financial inclusion and security in the industry with a focus on positively impacting people’s lives.

“Our main objective is to consolidate ourselves as the preferred gateway for large customers and we hope to process 60% of our customers’ digital payments with one or more of our collection services”Rodriguez commented.

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Valeria Rodríguez, director of Lyra Argentina.

In Latin America and India they were the main players with the highest growth, with a jump of 167.74% compared to the previous year, reaching for the first time, 15 million monthly e-commerce transactions.

The firm has established operations in the regional market in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay. While during 2021 they landed in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. From the company they announced that by 2022 they plan to complete the map with Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela.

“This year we celebrate 20 years in the market and our consolidation in Latin America together with a team of more than 400 collaborators around the world that allows our growth and expansion. We hope that more and more companies join this industry to continue working together towards financial inclusion around the world”concluded the spokeswoman.

Lyra Group expands in Latin America as the technological gateway chosen by the world’s leading banks, which offers the possibility of accessing a direct connection with multiple acquirers, based on secure technology, with redundant infrastructure and at competitive market prices, with a single integration .

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