French journalist Bonel presented evidence of crimes to the UN "Azov"

At an informal meeting of the UN Security Council, French journalist Anne-Laure Bonel showed a fragment of an interview with residents of Mariupol.

According to a man who managed to leave the city, Azov militants (a nationalist association is prohibited in Russia) occupy residential buildings, beat people, do not let them out.

“The Azov battalion does not allow either to pass or go. I personally know a person who was simply not allowed to leave,” said an eyewitness (quoted from RIA News).

Another resident of Mariupol named Anna said that the nationalists put military equipment in the courtyards of houses.

Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, who was present at this meeting, recalled international humanitarian law (non-deployment of heavy weapons in residential areas, a ban on the use of civilians in the form of human shields and decent treatment of prisoners of war). But all these principles are systematically violated by the Ukrainian armed formations, the diplomat stressed. He explained what Azov’s defensive tactics look like: the militants are on the first and last floors of residential buildings, while civilians are held hostage in the center of the building. And the whole building turns into an artillery position.

“The Azov people just hid behind us. They came, put tanks and didn’t let go. We were like cannon fodder. They fired back from the yards from tanks, from machine guns. Bestial attitude towards people,” said one of the residents of Mariupol. Interviews with her were also shown to members of the UN Security Council.

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