Friday of storm had records of flooding, tree falls and lack of light

In the State, Capital was in second place with regard to the power of rain this Friday

In the ranking of municipalities in Mato Grosso do Sul with the highest rainfall, Campo Grande was in second place this Friday, accumulating 24 millimeters. Although the storm was not the strongest, rain showers left city streets with flooding, trees fell and power outages.

In terms of rainfall, Campo Grande lost only to Rochedo, where it rained an accumulated 26.6 millimeters. In Ponta Porã the index was 23 millimeters and Iguatemi 22.6.

In the Capital, around 15:00, the storm started, exactly as predicted by Inmet (National Institute of Meteorology), which issued a storm alert for Mato Grosso do Sul. Suddenly, the day turned to night with dense dark clouds that appeared in the sky.

On Rua Catiguá, which connects Avenida Guaicurus to several neighborhoods in the southern region, a stream overflowed and muddy water covered the entire lane. Because of the situation, drivers and motorcyclists had to take a risk on the crossing.

In the southern region, shacks in the Homex favela, in the Paulo Coelho Machado neighborhood, were flooded and residents accumulated losses. Nearby, in the Los Angeles neighborhood, streets were flooded, preventing pedestrians from passing.

The avenues Amaro de Castro Lima (known as Dois) and Sete do Nova Campo Grande were once again covered in mud. With no other alternative, some residents took a risk amidst the flood. In the region, houses were invaded by water.

In Ana Maria do Couto, houses were without electricity. In Jardim Batistão and Tijuca, the force of the wind knocked down trees and damaged the roofs of houses.

According to meteorologist Natálio Abram, tomorrow (18) the day should be cloudy with drizzle and fog. On Sunday (19), isolated rains are expected with humid mist in the morning and, in the afternoon, the sun appears between clouds.

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