Fried and not harmful?  Named the safest oil for frying

Dietitian Elena Motova talked about which oil to use for frying to achieve a compromise between oxidative stability and health benefits.

“For this, special varieties of some oil plants were bred containing an increased amount of oleic acid,” – writes doctor in his Telegram channel, noting that “so-called high-oleic vegetable oils are obtained from them: rapeseed, soybean, sunflower.”

The monounsaturated oleic fatty acid is said to be quite stable when heated, so high oleic oils are “a good option for frying,” the nutritionist said.

To reduce the harm from fried food, you can reduce the frying time (fry the meat quickly and then bring it to readiness in other ways), Motova noted.

“The longer the frying time and the higher the temperature of the frying surface, the darker the crust and the more potentially toxic compounds the cooked product contains,” she stressed.

When you cook at home, heat the oil to the right temperature. It should be warm enough, but not overheated, the nutritionist advised.

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