Friends of Debanhi Escobar reported that he had been the victim of robbery prior to his disappearance

Yesterday, authorities found in a gardener a credential of Debanhi Escobarin a common area of ​​the Constitución condominiums, in Monterrey, Mexico22 kilometers from where they found the body of the young woman.

The credential, from the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), appeared at the scene after authorities had already gone to this area on April 19, but only to search an apartment without finding anything.

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The prosecutor specializing in femicide and crimes against women, Griselda Núñez, in an interview with Azucena Uresti, said that prior to the discovery of the body “What they had was a report of disappearance; all the information that could be established within its context as some kind of risk situation. (…) The fact that at different times she had suffered theft or loss of different things and documents at different times was considered an element, and this space was considered relevant to be able to find her personal belongings.”

He commented that when interviewing the environment of Debanhitheir acquaintances or friends referred that personal objects had been stolen, so they carried out investigations to exhaust and be able to locate said objects.

The robbery had occurred “long before the moment of non-location or disappearance, so that is why it is important when we are dealing with the issue of disappearance to exhaust all the lines. (…) based on acts of investigation and the place where it is mentioned that there had been that report by Debanhi and when he had stopped having contact with those belongings, it is the place near where the housing unit of the Constitución condominiums is located.

Debanhi had no relationship with the condominiums

assured that Debanhi He had no relationship with the people in those condominiums.

“We will specify later due to the results of the investigation, but it is important to share and specify that it had been time before the moment of his disappearance. Let us remember that the personal objects that she had were diverse, that is why it is important for me to specify that the relevance of this information of the finding will be part of the investigation in order to determine what relationship it may have with the fact of the loss of life or if she is linked to some other criminal act, but yes, they found her valid ID in her belongings.”

He also reported that at the time of the discovery, a series of belongings were also found that are protected. “They are different personal objects.”

The two autopsies of Debanhi Escobar

“The indirect victims are an important part of the investigation since they can provide the evidence that helps us in this objective as a whole, for which they are considered received and will be analyzed as a whole with the rest of the testimonies and videos to be able to determine at some point the conclusion of the facts of how it happened.

“There are two autopsies, the one by the Prosecutor’s Office and the father’s, there is no substantial difference, it is with respect to the results because that is a comparison between doctors, not with results, etc., the opinion.”

“The autopsy opinion is the one that is established by the official doctor who is in the Prosecutor’s Office, what is contributed by the victims are different opinions that can help us to establish the mechanics of the facts and everything is to assess together. We are in that analysis to be able to determine and reach the facts of what happened.

“Both Mr. Mario and Mrs. Dolores are in direct contact, that is, they are informed and have access to the folder at all times, therefore, they are aware of this information at the moment, that it is being generated, that I must share with you that at no time have we stopped any act of investigation and they continue to be carried out”ended.

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