Jaguar hid in Paranaíba's house.  (Photo: Disclosure)
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Jaguar hid in Paranaíba’s house. (Photo: Disclosure)

A puma was found in a residence in Paranaíba, 407 kilometers from Campo Grande, hidden in the bathroom at the back of the house. The Fire Department was called this Friday morning (18) to “rescue a large animal” and when it arrived at the scene, it was surprised by the leopard.

Firefighters called the Military Police, Environmental Military Police and veterinarians. The animal was sedated and when it fell asleep, the team collected it in a containment box.

She wasn’t aggressive, just scared, and didn’t attack anyone. The owner of the house only saw that it was a jaguar when the police arrived.

According to the Fire Department, it is not common for jaguars to appear in urban areas of Paranaíba, only wild animals such as snakes.

Another case – In July of this year, a family found an ocelot lying down in the child’s room, after leaving the window open. The case took place in Nioaque, 185 kilometers from Campo Grande.

To keep the animal in place until help arrived, residents closed the window of the site. During the rescue, the police found that the animal was an adult female of the species Felis pardalis, or Leopardus pardalis, better known as the ocelot.

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