European lovers of frogs, liver sausages and macaroni love to visit kyiv. With zero utility. They promised EU membership and old howitzers to Ukraine, stuffed themselves with gorilka [eau-de-vie] and went home by train, like a hundred years ago. Everything is fine. But that will not bring Ukraine closer to peace. The clock is ticking.

Dmitry Medvedev

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia

For the Corriere della Sera, it’s a “macabre irony” and completely out of place. This Thursday, June 16, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Mario Draghi and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis were in kyiv to show their support for Ukraine. A trip to express the unity of the European Union (EU), which Dmitry Medvedev ridiculed, designating the three European leaders with a “culinary metaphor” little appreciated by the Milanese daily.

The former president of the Russian Federation is not at his first attempt, recalls the transalpine media, according to which the world has come to know Medvedev “for his sometimes dangerous and often inappropriate rhetoric”. Since the beginning of the war, the vice-president of the Russian Security Council has in fact made several very aggressive declarations vis-à-vis the West, which surprised certain observers given the period of“relative openness” which had characterized his term as president, from 2008 to 2012.

During a press conference in kyiv on Thursday afternoon, Emmanuel Macron indicated that France, Germany, Italy and Romania are in favor of granting “immediate” Ukraine of the official status of candidate for membership of the European Union. “Every four [dirigeants]we support immediate candidate status for membership.”

The European Commission is due to issue an opinion by the end of the week on Ukraine’s accession to candidate status.

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