A house of fear, this is how some of the most chilling houses in the cinema are, such as the Timberline Lodge Hotel where it was filmed "The glow"
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If there is an inanimate object that can be even scarier than a horror character, it is the house: the scenario that can generate the most fear in viewers. So much so, that one can almost speak of a subgenre within the horror cinema. The chosen properties usually repeat certain characteristics that make them spooky: they are generally isolated places with large dependencies, occupied by curses, ghosts or monsters.

Although in most cases, the interior scenes were actually filmed in studios, many retain the façade and receive visits from horror movie lovers. from the hotel The glow to Freddy Krueger’s house, a list of the most chilling properties in movies.

A house of fear, this is how some of the most chilling houses in the cinema are, such as the Timberline Lodge Hotel where “The Shining” was filmedRuss Heinl – Shutterstock

The film from the 80s is an example of what the setting can contribute to the construction of the story. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining starring Jack Nicholson follows a mountainside hotel that turns into a nightmare for a family moving in to take over the property for the winter.

In this film, the protagonist completely loses his mind, while the little son meets the spirits of people who lived in the hotel and died there tragically. This hotel is called Timberline Lodge, and is an accommodation located on the southern slopes of Mount Hood in Oregon, just 100 km from Portland.

Interior scenes were filmed at other hotels. As for the exteriors, the property does not have the emblematic labyrinth in the gardens. And room 217, where the most chilling scenes of the film take place, has been the room most requested by tourists.

Ettington Park Hotel where it was filmed "The Haunting"
Ettington Park Hotel where “The Haunting” was filmedEttington Park Hotel

The movie of The curse It was released in cinemas in 1999. Starring Lili Taylor, Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Owen Wilson, it is set in an impressive Gothic mansion, located south of Conventry, in the center of the United Kingdom, which has some 60 rooms . Today it has become a luxury hotel called the Ettington Park Hotel.

35 years ago it was filmed Nightmare on Elm Street, the house where Freddy Krueger tormented and killed his teenage victims, also exists in reality. It is a single-family home that was built in 1919, and is located at 1428 Genesee Ave, in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles (California). It has 250 square meters, although it must be said that the film was not shot inside, but only the façade was taken.

In addition to this film, the house appears in the sequel Freddie’s Revenge and in the seventh installment of the saga, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

The park and the pool "Nightmare on Elm Street"in Los Angeles
The park and pool from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in Los Angeles

In January of this year, the house has found a new owner and, according to reports from Collider, it has been sold for the estimated price: almost US$3 million. The house is described as “a beautiful Dutch colonial house with a modern twist”, and even the door was modified so that it was not a true representation of what we saw in the work of Wes Craven, because it would attract many fans of Said fiction, icon of popular culture, and could be a nuisance to homeowners.

The Partarríu Palace, where it was filmed "The orphanage"
The Partarríu Palace, where “The Orphanage” was filmedFacebook The Orphanage House

The house that gives life to The Orphanage, filmed in 2007, is the Villa Parres chalet, also known as the partarriu palace, at the exit of Llanes, eastern Asturian council.

Their grim appearance and ghostly dimensions They have made it the ideal place to shoot a horror movie. That is why it was chosen as the setting for this Spanish masterpiece. The spectacular house that can be seen from the gate is privately owned, but in the past it served as a blood hospital during the war and as a general headquarters, among other functions. And not only the house was the setting, but also the streets of the town and the nearby Andrín beach.

The Dakota building where it was filmed "The seed of the devil"
The Dakota Building where “Red Rose” was filmedMassimo Salesi – Shutterstock

It is about the famous dakota building, Historic apartment building located on the northwest corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West in New York. Not only was it part of the locations of the mythical film by Roman Polanski Rosemary’s babybut also one of its apartments was the house of John Lennon and the path where the leader of The Beatles was assassinated.

More recently, celebrities such as Bono, Jennifer López or Paul Simon have had their homes in the building. Judy Garland, Leonard Bernstein or Lauren Bacall have also been illustrious owners in the Dakota.

based on bestseller by the writer Ira Levin, is about one of the most acclaimed supernatural horror movies of all time, with great critical and box office success that later served as inspiration for other films of the genre. Levin’s novel featured the Woodhouses, a newlywed couple who settle into a luxurious New York apartment despite warnings that it is a haunted place. Rosemary becomes pregnant and slowly discovers that her new state is the focus of a diabolical conspiracy to give birth to the Antichrist. Starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, the exteriors were filmed in the Dakota building, transformed for the occasion into the Bramford building, a building with the appearance of a Gothic fortress whose attic had lived in the attic of none other than Boris Karloff, star of Frankenstein in 1931.


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