Plaza de Mayo Tribute Hebe 20221124
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After the death of Hebe de Bonafini, the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo remembered their founder with a march, while the Chamber of Deputies honored her with a special session. From “immortal” Hebe to the controversial statements by José Luis Espert, politics echoed the tributes to the woman who faced the military during the dictatorship.

The heat was felt in the Plaza de Mayo, but that did not prevent the members of Madres, politicians and other people who were present from paying homage to the life of Hebe. with little shade, some covered themselves with the flags to shelter from the sun, while the mothers buried Hebe’s ashes in the iconic pyramid of Plaza de Mayo.

The tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo.

Before the march, the governor Axel Kicillof defined Hebe as “a huge, great and immortal woman”.

In a dialogue with PROFILEthe president of the Popular Unity, Claudio Lozano, reminded Hebe and assured that “Knowing her was knowing someone who was able to transform the pain that means having their family decimated in struggle”.

“She was a revolutionary, she shit on all the resignation arguments that talk about the fact that, in the name of the relationship of forces, you have to stop saying this or that. She was an in-depth questioner of the debt with the fund, ”Lozano defined and added:“From her, I have the joy of the fight”.

Tribute in the Chamber of Deputies

In the Chamber, the deputy Myriam Bregman referred to the head of Mothers as “a brave woman like few others, who stood up to the genocidal machinery, while others gave mayors to the dictatorship and while companies set up clandestine detention centers on their own properties”.

Between photos of Hebe de Bonafini, the deputies of the Frente de Todos were the ones who paid the most heartfelt tribute. Mónica Macha, for her part, assured that Hebe “will accompany the next marches” and mentioned that “the fight was an intention of life” of the head of Mothers.

Hebe de Bonafini homage 20221124
The tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Deputies.
Hebe de Bonafini homage 20221124
The deputies of the Front of All.

Espert’s speech on Hebe

Far from the speeches of the official deputies, the libertarian José Luis Espert launched controversial definitions about De Bonafini and earned the repudiation of the other members of the Chamber of Deputies.

Are we going to honor fraud? Are we going to honor corruption? Are we going to honor a person who has been dishonorable to the Nation? Who is also known for having said when Pope John Paul II died: “‘We want him to burn alive in hell. It’s a pig. Although a priest told me that pork is eaten, and this Pope is inedible’“Expert said.

In this sense, he referred to Hebe as “a woman who asked that Tasers be tested on the daughter of former President Mauricio Macri” and mentioned: “A woman who ran to the Bolivian community of the Plaza de Mayo shouting ‘Get out of our square, little balls sons of bitches! Go fucking Bolivians!‘”.

Espert concluded his speech with a controversial phrase in which he changed the meaning of “Never Again”, a symbol of democracy. “Nestor died. Hebe de Bonafini died. Another of the many dark periods in Argentina is coming to an end, marked by theft, lies and poverty. My tribute today is to the victims of Shared Dreams and to all the victims of these criminals. The Nunca Más of arrogance and corruption is coming. Kirchnerism, Never Again”.

Later, he was the only deputy who remained seated while all the other deputies honored the founder of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo.


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