From jerseys to the main stadium: like China "had a hand" for the World Cup in Qatar
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Lusail National Stadium is the main venue for the World Cup in Qatar. It will host 10 matches, including the final. The project was implemented by a Chinese enterprise. It became the first of its kind, the largest and most technologically advanced football stadium built by a Chinese company abroad.

Chinese companies have also been involved in the construction of other stadiums and the Fan Village. Qatar is the smallest host of the World Cup in history by area. To solve the problem of accommodating guests, Qatar, with the support of Chinese companies, used special container houses. Almost all of them were manufactured by firms in the provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang. The village is located in the south of Doha and can accommodate up to 12,000 fans at a time.

In 2020, buses made by Chinese companies won the tender for transportation service at the World Cup in Qatar. In addition, “Made in China” can be found on every corner of the 2022 World Cup, whether it be stadium communications, control center equipment, venue fencing, flags or souvenirs. There are also many Chinese companies among the sponsors and partners of the sporting event.

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