Tini Stoessel

Tini Stoessel is without a doubt one of the most famous celebrities in Argentina of the last time.

Since its beginning on television with the Disney Channel series Violettathe actress and singer has not stopped achieving success, currently counting on a huge fandom and a long list of hits that sound on the dance floors.

Tini Stoessel (Instagram/tinistoessel/)

It is in this sense that Tini has on her Instagram account, nothing more and nothing less than, 18 million followerswho, accompany with their “I like” and comments in each of the posts of the same.

How were the photos of Tini in the cheerleader style and the reaction of Rodrigo De Paul

In this opportunity, Tiny He surprised through his Instagram account with two photos that left his millions of followers with their hearts beating at full speed.

There, she can be seen wearing a cheerleader style look that plays with a super urban wave, which is already the singer’s hallmark.

Tini's photos cheerleader style.

Tini’s photos cheerleader style. (Tini/)

With two braids tied by bows, an oversize muscle shirt and a long-sleeved shirt underneath, Tini created a fantasy look that was worn, nothing more and nothing less than, 670K of red hearts and thousands of comments from their fans.

Tini's photos cheerleader style.

Tini’s photos cheerleader style. (Tini/)

“Hermosaaa”, “Ah bienoo”, “My eyes cannot believe so much beauty”, “Tini you can stop! You are going to give me a heart attack!”, “By gosh, the beauty of this woman”, “Impossible not to fall in love with you”, “Queen, goddess, unique, beautiful”, “You are from another galaxy” were some of the comments on the publication, among which, the one from Rodrigo De Paul, who said “Don’t let the t-shirt stick to you” along with eye roll emojis and a love face.

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