From Saturday, the declaration of assets of members of parliament will be public

János Hargitai, the chairman of the Parliament’s immunity committee, reminded in his statement that according to the amendment of the Parliament Act, the persons concerned are obliged to declare their income and economic interests on a new form and content, MTI reported.

Such a declaration had to be submitted for the first time by August 5.

The declaration of assets of the member of parliament, the representative of nationalities and the advocate of nationalities is public, and can be viewed from August 6, 2022 at Parliament website.

According to the changes in the law, the president and vice-presidents of the State Audit Office, the president and vice-presidents of the Economic Competition Office and the members of the Competition Council, the president of the Budget Council, the president, vice-president and members of the Council operating under the Public Procurement Authority, the highest prosecutor and the deputies of the chief prosecutor, the president and vice-presidents of the Hungarian National Bank and the members of the Monetary Council, as well as the members of the supervisory board and the president and members of the Media Council.

On this statements can also be viewed from Saturday on the website of the Parliament.

(Cover photo: Patrícia Bodnár / Index)

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