Ángel Correa enjoyed the holidays with his sisters before being summoned by Scaloni
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This Wednesday, the Argentine national team thrashed the United Arab Emirates 5-0 in a friendly match before his great debut next Tuesday for the Qatar World Cup. However, after the match, coach Lionel Scaloni hinted that the list of 26 selected players could change because one or more players were not 100 percent for such a competition. In this context, The social networks of the AFA announced that Nicolás González suffered an injury and Ángel Correa will enter in his place.

The Atlético Madrid striker was fighting for a place in the list of 26 until the last minute. The Argentine coach had to make a decision: whether to bring an eighth defender or one more striker. The choice was to include Villarreal’s marker, Juan Marcos Foyth, and Ángel Correa was relegated, despite having been in the entire Scaloni era.

Ángel Correa enjoyed the holidays with his sisters before being summoned by ScaloniInstagram: @angelcorrea32

A week ago Ángel Correa arrived in Argentina to enjoy his vacations with family and friends. “It is extremely sad not to be able to participate in the World Cup, but I wish the best to my teammates and all the coaching staff who are going to give their lives to represent the country in the best way”said the striker in TyC Sports.

As the days went by, Correa was shown enjoying his vacations with his sisters and nephews. But as reported by Esteban Edul, the forward was working with a physical trainer all these days.

In addition, Agustín Jiménez, representative and friend of the soccer player, posted an image in which Angel Correa and Thiago Almada (another one that was under consideration until the last minute) participated in an informal match in Cañuelas.

The official tweet of the Argentine team that informed the call of Ángel Correa
The official tweet of the Argentine team that informed the call of Ángel CorreaTwitter: @Argentina

However, since Scaloni turned on the alarms, the rumor of a possibility for the Rosario grew. The coaching staff of the team made physical demands on the players who were in doubt, and Nicolás González, a Fiorentina striker, suffered from an injury he suffered a few weeks ago.

“After today’s training session, soccer player Nicolás González suffered a muscle injury and will be dropped from the World Cup roster. In his replacement, the CT of Argentina summons Ángel Correa, ”said the team’s tweet.

Nicolás González was injured on October 22 in his team’s match against Inter. The striker suffered a slight tear that sidelined him for 15 days, but then he did not participate in the last four dates of Serie A. In the case of being able to participate in the World Cup, it would be uphill to recover the rhythm of the game. Finally, the striker’s body did not withstand the demands and he will be relegated from the final list.

This movement is allowed within the FIFA regulations in the event that the team that notifies it verifies that the player is physically unable to play the World Cup. In the event that it is approved, each nation may change the list from 26 to 24 hours before its premiere at the World Cup.

The Argentine national team is already in Qatar training and concentrating ahead of the World Cup debut against Saudi Arabia this Tuesday, November 22 at 7 in the morning.

The journalist Esteban Edul reported on the latest movements of the footballer: “Ángel Correa was in Rosario, every day I work with a physical trainer. Now en route to Buenos Aires and to travel to Qatar as soon as possible. If they give the times, I would arrive tomorrow (Friday) in the afternoon ”.


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