From the rains to 33 degrees: next week in the "Argentine Caribbean"
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We lack the white sand, it’s true, we can’t compete with that. But beyond the jokes, the weather in the next few days will go from some rain this Sunday to summer heat from Wednesdaywith temperatures for Thursday and Friday well above 30 degrees.

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) in its usual forecast indicated that this Sunday and until Monday morning, with thousands of people walking through the long weekend, we will have isolated rains, which in cases can be strong, but that picture It will begin to improve and by noon on Monday they estimate a cloudy and pleasant day, with temperatures that could reach 22 degrees.

That will not be the only respite from the weekly wind chill, because on Tuesday it will still retain the spring tone, the thing is that from Wednesday November it will once again show us the prelude to the severe summer of 2023.

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We already had some heat last week, but from Wednesday to Friday there will be higher marks than on those days. But let’s get down to the details: for Tuesday, somewhat cloudy to clear skies are announced, south winds changing to the northeast and the thermometers will be between 12 and 23 degrees. Meanwhile, partly to somewhat cloudy skies and northwesterly winds rotating to the northeast are expected on Wednesday, with a minimum temperature of 15 degrees and a maximum of 28.

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That’s how we’ll get to Thursdayfor when clear skies, northerly winds and the thermal marks will oscillate between 19 and 33 degreesso it will be, according to the SMN, the hottest day of the week.

Already on Friday partly cloudy skies are announced, northeasterly winds shifting to the east and the thermometers will be between 21 and 32 degreesa tone similar to that of Saturday, partly cloudy skies are expected and northeasterly winds rotating to the east, with a minimum temperature of 21 degrees and also a maximum of 32┬░.


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