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In recent times, the libertarian referent Carlos Maslaton made visible and intensified the internal one that is lived in Freedom Advances (LLA)the party led by the deputy Javier Milei. Recently, the lawyer again expressed his discontent with the economist and assured that I would compete with him in a PASO if “became a dictatorial man with his sister karina Y Carlos Kikuchi“.

The darts between the analyst and influencer and the national legislator began after the Act that Milei performed at the El Porvenir clubwhich had a lower call than expected and Maslatón unleashed a wave of criticism against Karina Milei and Kikuchi, “owners” of the campaign ALL. For its part, the political space had already clarified that “Maslaton is not part of space, so it is wrong to say that there is an internal

The lawyer and former councilor of the UCD, Carlos Maslatón.

“I was just told that Milei said that he plays in the Champions League and Maslatón in the First D. It’s okay, if she likes to have fun with it. This is Milei!” the lawyer recently said in an interview with C5N. He immediately launched: “If it says that it opens the game at STEP, then we will see. What is the problem? I’m going to get 2 or 3% just. Go ahead, proceed. open the interior“.

The libertarian deputy, meanwhile, referred to the lawyer in statements to the radio program Argentinawhere he argued that Maslatón himself “recognizes that he is an inorganic militant – has always been defined as free pointer by Javier Milei – which is not part of ALL“. “There is an internal line of someone who is not part of the party structure and it has to do with social networks”, he ignored it, just as the current Buenos Aires deputy had done long ago, Joseph Louis Espert.

Freedom Advances: Milei wants to detach from Maslatón, but Kikuchi adds more and more criticism

The harsh criticism between Maslatón and Espert

“And who is Maslaton?”, Espert had ironically questioned about the stock investment expert during a talk at the Argentine Catholic University months ago. There, the economist was consulted by a presumed follower of his who asked him about the rumors about a possible step towards Together for Changeconsigning the publications of Maslatón in Twitter.

The lawyer had repeatedly mentioned that Espert rubbed elbows with the current largest opposition coalition and that was one of the reasons why Javier Milei decided to separate and, consequently, so did he. “You made arrangements with Macri and Larreta, champions of waste and indebtedness”, the man who popularized the terms “barrani” and “proceed” had pointed out.

Maslatón sharpened the libertarian internal and criticized Milei for promoting ponzi schemes: “It lacks all logic”

In a 2020 virtual chat with liberal leaders, a discussion began that ended with serious accusations. Over there, Maslatón denounced that Espert was “financed” by the head of the Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodriguez Larreta Y Gonzalo Diaz Cordobawho was part of his campaign team, retorted: “We present the candidacy of the wife of Carlos Maslatón to head of government of the City and one day Maslatón calls me to tell me: ‘Look, Mariquita (Delvecchio) is an employee of the Judicial Council”.

being incompatibleI assume that faced with a state contract, a millionaire guy like you and screwing up the candidacy for head of the Buenos Aires government, which was what Larreta was most interested in, you chose that we remain without a candidate,” he added. And he continued: “The The goal was to get to the general elections alive and for Espert to be in the presidential debate. We did not have a campaign fund and that arrangement allowed us to be a candidate anyway“.

Carlos Maslaton and Jose Luis Espert 20220621
Carlos Maslatón and José Luis Espert, deputy for Avanza Libertad.

Who is Carlos Kikuchi, Javier Milei’s “owner” who stirs up the libertarian intern

when he asked if “he was confirming that they ‘struggled’ with the Espert campaign twine,” he replied: “I don’t deny itI am saying that I have no evidence to the contrary.” At that time, in dialogue with PROFILEboth the current deputy and sources from the City Government “categorically” denied these assertions, and although acknowledged political support denied an agreement.

Already in 2022, Maslatón questioned Milei about a possible agreement with the toughest wing of Together for Change. “Dear Milei, we have given our militancy and money for you to be President 2023. I would not like to have to nickname you ‘Captain Spider’ in the future. Your scenic fascination with the figure of Macri has me very worried. Don’t betray us like Kikuchi”, he stated in a tweet.

Maslatón, the PD, the Ucedé and Rodríguez Saá

Carlos Maslatón gained notoriety in the 1980s as co-founder of UPAU (Union for University Opening), which broke the hegemony of the left and disputed the leadership of radicalism in student establishments. He had been part of Democratic Party (PD) before joining the Democratic Center Union (UCD), which brought together the traditional liberal-conservative right.

He received the invitation from the leader of the Ucedé, Alvaro Alsogarayto join and, despite some internal hostility in space, in 1987 Maslatón managed to obtain a candidacy for councilor In Buenos Aires city.

After his tenure as mayor, he decided to step aside from politics and devote himself to finance. This fact also coincided with the appearance of other liberal figures together with Carlos Menem as president, who made Ucedé lose weight.

However, in 2013 he was as a candidate for deputy of Federal Compromisethe space of Alberto Rodriguez Saa, who was running for senator. There he competed against Joseph Mary Vernet, Marcelo Puella, Moses IkonikoffTeresa Calleri De Gennaro, Miguel Angel Lacour, but lost the internal one stating that “they stole the election”.

Maslatón and Rodríguez Saá 20220621

Politics did not bore me but it began to seem more routine and I wanted to do something else. Since 1992 I no longer held any public office. I’m a pro-political guy but I need more avant-garde things. Not to be avant-garde, but to accompany movements of things that are being invented”, he recently told Black Box (Filo News) the lawyer who Twitter continues to define himself as “anti-communist national right-wing liberal”, “Manchesterian capitalist”, and “marginal pointer of Javier Milei 2023“.

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