Full Moon in Sagittarius: what is its impact and how to get the most out of it

Next Tuesday, June 13, will be the full Moon in Sagittarius, a precious opportunity to bring clarity to some aspect of our lives.. This is the moment of the Zodiac where we say “Ahhh…!, Eureka! Of course, this is where I had to go!” In this way we begin to trace our path, with the knowledge that the daily and routine reality goes to a certain place and is not a mere passing of days.

Along with this powerful Full Moon, some other events are going to be happening that I would like to share with you:

So here we are, with these lights in the sky that connect us with something beyond our daily vision, with something bigger and deeper that encourages us to grow, to feel good about ourselves, with our body, with our senses. At once, I invite you to feel part of this most supreme and surpassing reality that makes all this have a concrete and vital meaning. Welcome Full Moon in Sagittarius!

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