Facade of Funsat Campo Grande.  (Photo: Disclosure)
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Interested parties must go to the foundation’s headquarters with personal documents

By Marcos Tenório | 11/21/2022 23:48

Facade of Funsat Campo Grande. (Photo: Disclosure)

Funsat (Fundação Social do Trabalho) offers 917 job vacancies, this Tuesday (21). Opportunities require different levels of education and can be filled at any time, without prior notice. There are also opportunities for people with disabilities.

Anyone who wants to go after one of the job openings must go to Funsat’s headquarters with personal documents: RG (General Registration), CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) and work card or access the Sine Fácil application. Click here to download the app from Google Play.

There are openings for law students (40), merchandise loading and unloading assistant (16), seamstress in general (54), stockist and manicurist (13), cashier (11), census taker (15), among others opportunities.

There are 29 vacancies in several areas for people with disabilities, such as administrative assistant (5) and cleaning assistant (11), inventory assistant (2) and production line assistant (6). Candidates for these vacancies must present a medical report proving their disability.

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