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Back in the summer, Gabi Tóth announced that she would “mute her pages” for a while, because she believes that social media “should be about community cohesion, dialogue and thinking together”, but instead she experiences the opposite, that is, that it only ruins people’s lives. Since then, his fans have not been able to see any private posts on his social media pages.

Due to the “hate campaign” launched against him, he was previously unable to give an interview without crying in front of the cameras. After a few months, however, his zest for life returned and he can smile again. THE Facts for Plus he told me honestly about the past period.

Humor is most important

He feels that the people who hurt him unjustly can no longer push him to the bottom, because his faith and belonging will never be taken away from him, just like his family.

I have to keep at it, because it really helped me through the difficulties. But the most important thing: humor. I myself can have a good laugh at the memes that were created about me, so you don’t have to take everything so bloody seriously. We can overcome any difficulty with humor and faith

said Gabi Tóth.

Retirement helped him

She also revealed that withdrawing from social media has also helped her situation a lot.

Let’s not form an opinion about a person based on prejudices, but come and, if we want to give ourselves a chance to get to know him, let’s meet in person. This was also the essence of silence, and this is also my goal, because in real life I had no negative experience with people. All I got was love

he explained.

The singer expressed her grief in her new song, as its lyrics deal with the events of the past two years. Gabi Tóth said, despite the wave of hate, “she experienced a feeling of invincibility at the end”.

(Cover photo: Gabi Tóth on March 1, 2022. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)