Gabriel Boric regrets the conduct of the Peruvian Congress in not allowing Castillo's trip to Mexico [VIDEO]
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Chilean President gabriel boric Font expressed his annoyance at the absence of his Peruvian counterpart, Pedro Castillo, in Mexico. Fact that caused the meeting of the Pacific Alliance on Friday, November 25, to be suspended.

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The Chilean president regretted that the Congress of the Republic of Peru limit Castillo from participating in events of international importance, since in this session the pro tempore presidency of the organization would be given to Castillo Terrones.

“I find it unfortunate that internal disputes, to which it is not up to me to deepen, limit the possibility of a brother country in Latin America to participate in important spaces”Boric commented to the press upon arrival in Mexico.

Likewise, Boric affirmed that he will speak in more depth about this case with the Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who made the decision to suspend the summit of the Pacific alliance in the absence of Castillo.

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“We are going to talk about how we are going to manage this exchange because, as pointed out by APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum), the Pacific is today the center of the world and what we have with Colombia, with Ecuador, with Mexico and with Peru is something tremendously important that we cannot waste, so at least I am interested in strengthening that space for American integration.”he added.

It should be noted that Gabriel Boric arrived in Mexico as part of his first state visit as president of Chile and will meet with López Obrador this Wednesday, November 23.

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