Gabriel Dominguez Rugby Cordoba

Joaquín Ferace who “viralized” the “glasses for Joshua” campaign he plays rugby in the children’s categories of Los Hurones together with another colleague who also had a lot to do with this initiative; Junior; the president of the Cordoba Union visited the Arroyito Rugby venue to award them in person.

During the week it was learned that both children would travel to San Juan to see Los Pumas nothing more and nothing less than against the Wallabies, but the surprise was great the top manager of rugby in our province and also through the Vice President of the UAR informed the children that they are more than 40 will see that match live.

Gabriel Domínguez Rugby Córdoba (Rugby Press /)

But perhaps what they liked the most and I draw the attention of the little rugbiers were the balls that the leaders brought them as a giftThey didn’t let go for a minute. Also as a gift, Joaquín kept a pair of pants from Los pumas Seven and a shirt from Los Dogos.

By the directors of Los Hurones both Joaquín, like Junior and also Josué they received the green and white checkered shirt with their name on the back. There were prizes for the parents of the little ones who started the solidarity gesture

Domínguez said “these things are moving, I am very moved by all this and on the trip he was almost tearful” he added “this is Rugby; out there our sport is linked to ugly things that happen in societywith those who practice any sport, this is the spirit of ours“closed”a great job by parents, teachers, coaches, the club is reflected in this type of thing”.

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