Gabriel González: The man who killed his son in Colombia is sentenced to 45 years in prison
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A judge Colombian sentenced Gabriel González, who murdered his son last October, to 45 years in prison, suffocating him in a hotel in Melgar, a municipality in the department of Tolima located just over 100 kilometers from Bogotá, the Prosecutor’s Office reported this Friday.

Gabriel Enrique González Cubillos was found guilty of the crime of aggravated homicide. The events occurred on October 3 and caused a commotion in the country.

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The information from the Prosecutor’s Office added that “the child died from mechanical asphyxia”, according to the forensic opinion.

“This is a milestone sentence in Colombia because it is the first time that it has been possible to prove that the homicide of a child by his father is carried out to cause pain and suffering to his ex-partner, which is called by the doctrine as vicarious violence. ”, explained the prosecutor.

The man was captured and, given the strength of the evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, accepted charges against him. In 45 days the sentence was obtained.

The 5-year-old boy was reported missing on October 3 after his father picked him up the day before at his mother’s house in Bogotá, from whom he was separated, with the excuse of taking him to a family celebration and since then he has not more was known about him.

According to the information provided by the mother, the man left a memory card where he specified what he would do to the minor.

Subsequently, the murderer sent a WhatsApp message to the woman in which he specified what he had done to the child and wished her to be happy with her new partner without the child they had together, suggesting that it was revenge after the separation. .

González was arrested on October 4 on the highway that connects Melgar and Girardot, in the neighboring department of Cundinamarca (center).

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