Items seized from criminals during police operation.  (Photo: Publicity)
Items seized from criminals during police operation. (Photo: Publicity)

A criminal organization that stole trucks in Mato Grosso do Sul was targeted by Defron (Delegation for Repression of Border Crimes) this week. Criminals aimed their vehicles at homes, but the main targets were city halls. Afterwards, the trucks were resold in Paraguay. The gang’s leaders are already imprisoned in Dourados and Jateí.

According to the Civil Police, over the course of the week six preventive arrest warrants were served inside the penitentiaries where the robbers are already serving sentences. Two warrants were served on the 14th, at the Gameleira I Closed State Men’s Penitentiary, in Campo Grande, and four warrants were served on Wednesday (15), three at the PED (Dourados State Penitentiary) and one at the Female Criminal Establishment. from Jateí.

investigations – The investigations began at the beginning of the year, when the DOF (Department of Border Operations) arrested four men who stole a truck in Deodápolis. They were approached as they passed through the city of Dourados, heading towards the neighboring country. On the same day, after due diligence, the police found another person involved in the robbery.

Investigation pointed out that they were part of a criminal organization focused on stealing pickup trucks and trucks from the courtyards of city halls in the municipalities of Mato Grosso do Sul. The group would operate in the entire region of Dourados and the Ivinhema Valley, with its destination being Paraguay, where vehicles were traded, all under the command of two PED inmates.

The two inmates, who are currently imprisoned at Gameleira I, in Campo Grande, with extensive criminal records, coordinated the action of the robbers who were at liberty, deciding which homes would be robbed and providing them with money, via pix, for transportation. to the crime scene, for food, purchase of ammunition and firearms that would be used.

With the structure provided by the inmates, the robbers had well-defined roles. One was responsible for photographing the residences and sending the images to the PED prisoners to decide on the robbery and on how to transport the robbers they would execute to the victims’ homes. For this, this man acted as an app driver, using a Citroën C3 vehicle he owned, which facilitated his performance if he was approached by the police, not raising suspicion. He was still the inmates’ trusted man to receive money via pix, which promoted criminal action.

Three men, including a teenager, carried out the robberies, at which time they surrendered and tied the victims in their homes using firearms until the stolen vehicle crossed into Paraguay. Finally, a woman was in charge of negotiating the vehicle in Paraguay, she who had the contacts of the recipients in the neighboring country, to later share the money with the members of the criminal organization.

According to the Delegate responsible for the investigations, Rafael de Souza Carvalho, it was noted during the investigations that they monitored several courtyards of city halls in the State in order to steal trucks and vans that are often under little surveillance and with the keys in the ignitions. Investigations continue to determine his participation in other robberies in the state.

“In view of the findings, we represent before the Judiciary of the District of Deodápolis/MS for the issuance of preventive arrest warrants in relation to six members of this criminal organization, the request having been granted and fulfilled this week within the penitentiaries where the assailants are already serving feathers”, explained the delegate.

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