In West Santo Domingo the trash It continues to accumulate in some of its streets and avenues and, according to residents’ complaints, the municipal authorities are careless with cleanliness, endangering people’s health.

In streets like Los Camioneros yesterday there was a garbage dump that occupied the entire sidewalk because the truck had not passed for three days. People decide to dump the waste on site because the trucks do not regularly collect it from the houses.

Yefry Campusanoone of those affected, deplored that people cannot live in peace in the area due to pests and bad smells, but even more serious is that next to that improvised landfill there is a school where dozens of children study.

Miguel Santelises indicated that the mayor Jose Andujar is not doing the job for which he was chosen because in many places there are trash that lasts for days piled up.

“The garbage is eating us, the trucks pass by sometimes. It is true that some weeks go by several times, but there are others that do not go by and the garbage accumulates chin to chin”, indicated the resident in the Enriquillo neighborhood.

While Isabel Azcona stated that the truck regularly passes through the main street, they do not enter the alleys, so people have the obligation to take out the covers and place them where the truck passes.

“Then those people come who look for things inside the trash and to get any little thing they empty the trash and when it rains, you know, the water drags the trash and they end up in front of the houses…and that is a terrible bad smell, there are many people who go and throw it into the ravine”, indicates the lady from the Enriquillo neighborhood.

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