Gareth Bale with his partner Emma and their fourth son, Xander, who was born in the middle of last year.
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Gareth Bale He is 33 years old and spent two thirds of his life in love with his wife today, Emma Rhys-Jones. Yes, the figure of Wales has been in a relationship with his girlfriend since he was 11 years old and already has four children (the eldest, Alba Violet, 10 years old). However, they only got married in 2019, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, and not for lack of traditionalism. On the contrary, the couple postponed their marriage three times for unusual reasons.

Everyone around Gareth maintains that the Welsh soccer star is a very family person, as in love with his wife as with the rest of his children (in addition to Alba, there is Nava Valentina, 6 years old; Axel, 4; and a baby , Xander, barely a year old). And that Emma, ​​who unlike most of the wives of European soccer stars, keeps a strict low profile, just like him. Why didn’t they get married earlier?

Gareth Bale: boyfriend since he was 11 but he just got married at 30

The striker who since the middle of this year is one of the figures of MLS Los Angeles FC American, lived through several family situations over the years that upset him in such a way that he could not carry out his marriage as he and his partner wanted.

The first time they were determined to get married it was in 2016. They had already gone through the formality of the betrothal and it was time to unite in marriage. But the father of the bride, that is Bale’s father-in-law, complicated everyone due to his problems with the law: Martin Rhys-Jones was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud in the United States.

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The man had left a string of scams for more than two million dollars, both in North America and in Spain and that was a shock to the whole family, including, of course, Emma, ​​her daughter. So it was that Gareth and his girlfriend decided to postpone the wedding until Martin was released again, or at least a parole that would allow him to attend the celebration.

Gareth Bale with his partner Emma and their fourth son, Xander, who was born in the middle of last year.

But problems did not stop chasing Bale because, although his father-in-law was able to get out of jail, the whole family began to be persecuted and threatened with death by a criminal gang of which no further information circulated, although it is supposed to be related to the scams that had landed Gareth’s father-in-law in jail.

These threats included explosive devices that were found in the cars and houses of the next of kin. In any case, there is also the hypothesis that this may have had to do with Epiphany Dring, Bale’s cousin, who fled Cardiff after they found in his possession a suitcase with more than 800,000 dollars related to drug trafficking.

Despite everything, Bale and his girlfriend, who already had two daughters and were expecting their first son, they couldn’t stop thinking about marriage as a concrete fact. The Welsh footballer’s injuries were also an obstacle and those around him recognized that family conflicts affected him so much that they did not rule out that they were the cause of his physical problems.

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However, what broke the third marriage attempt was a family tragedy: in February 2018 Alexander Williams, husband of Emma’s sister, Gareth’s brother-in-law, committed suicide. What happened? The British social services opened an investigation against Williams regarding the ways and treatment with which she raised her children. The suicide, in addition, was an economic impact that Bale resolved by buying Katie – the sister of her partner – a house and a car.

Life went on for Gareth and Emma, ​​who last year had their fourth child (another boy) who was special: the first to come into this world with both parents legally married. Yes, because Bale and his wife, after almost two decades of dating, were finally able to get married in 2019, at a big party on the Spanish island. And now yes, everyone is happy.

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