the silver
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In a highly emotional ceremony, a multitude of residents participated in the event organized by the Municipality of La Plata for the 140th anniversary of the city. Chano and Los Palmeras received the most important ovations of the night. 250,000 residents, a thousand artists on stage, 10 stages, 2 days of celebration and an emotional closing by Fer Palacio that made those present explode.

The day began with the official ceremony led by Mayor Julio Garro in the Cathedral and continued with the subsequent appointment of Dr. René Favaloro as the City’s ‘Sixth Wise Man’, the only one born and trained among the diagonals.

Simultaneously, local entrepreneurs began to set up their stalls on a section of Avenida 51 until turning 600 meters of boulevard into an open-air gastronomic and productive corridor that was visited by thousands of people from La Plata throughout Saturday.

On the Plaza Moreno, meanwhile, the Municipality set up a stage for some of the most popular artists of the moment, to which young and old began to approach with thermoses, mates, canvas and everything necessary to spend an afternoon full of music in live.

the silver

Those in charge of the debut were the acrobats, jugglers and dancers of La Cirquesta, who called on families to join their classic children’s show and filled the emblematic green space with color, joy and songs.

An expert in getting smiles and keeping the public almost hypnotized with his personality and friendliness, Topa was the second to appear on stage with a presentation that managed to entertain adults and children almost equally, followed by La Bomba de Tiempo with its percussion show. and improvisation that sounded to the rhythm of the audience present.

Just after 5:00 p.m., the crowd began to chant the popular songs by Chano, much loved by his fans since his Tan Biónica years, to move on to dance with greater fervor an hour later to the hits of the cumbia band from Santa Fe Los Palmeras .

the silver

The evening progressed and the staging continued to encourage the public of La Plata with a musical display that stood out, like the entire event, for the national imprint of its artists, who were accompanied by a specially designed lighting system and at the same time rhythm of the palms of a multitude of neighbors that already blurred the limits of the square.

Coming to the end, Manuel Moretti greeted the people from La Plata stationed in the place and began the Estelares show with the presentation of their latest studio album, which set up the prelude to a tour that the band born in the City for different provinces of the country.

Finally, the “cachengue” dominated the scene with the expected set by Fer Palacio, which not only included the most popular hits of the moment, but also intensified the fervor for the Argentine National Team just a few hours before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. .

the silver

With images of Lio Messi and Diego Maradona on giant screens, balls, cotillion and thousands of people from La Plata chanting songs of support for the national team in unison, the DJ show transformed the square into an iconic World Cup preview and gave it the perfect closing at the prelude to sports competition.

It is worth remembering that the shows were part of the historic double anniversary celebration that the Commune organized this 2022 and that they took place after a day dedicated exclusively to local art, with the presentation of more than a thousand artists from the City, ten stages and an imprint 100% from La Plata.

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