Carlos Tevez was offered to lead Rosario Central.  (Photo: EFE/Javier García Martino)

in the next few hours Rosario Central will present Carlos Tevez as a brand new coach. It will be the first experience as a coach for the former striker. That is why there is a lot of expectation. The Scoundrel’s own players they are waiting for it with open arms.

Rosario Central defeated Godoy Cruz this Thursday 1-0. The only goal of the match was scored by his goalkeeper, Gaspar Servius, penal. And when he finished the match, he referred to Tevez’s imminent arrival at the club.

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“For me it is something special that Carlitos can come. The group will back him to death. I hope he comes, he had a lot of experience as a player. We are all predisposed to learn. And to get Central forward”, he affirmed. For Servio it is very special for another reason.

The goalkeeper, who was trained in River, is a fan of Boca and Tevez was one of his favorite players. He now he will have him as a coach.

Carlos Tevez was offered to lead Rosario Central. (Photo: EFE/Javier García Martino)

Regarding this Thursday’s victory, he stated: “We needed to win, it was a busy week. A person left (Leandro Somoza, after a series of bad results) that the squad wanted, they are decisions that are made. He always had the support of the squad, this victory is for him. The team pulled this off with personality.”

Carlos Tevez starts a new stage in football

The former striker and idol of Boca officially announced on June 4 his final retirement as a footballer and the start of his career as a coach. Very little time passed after this for the first possibility to appear.

After the departure of Leandro Somoza, everything indicated that it was going to be Pablo “Vitamina” Sánchez who would take the reins of the club. However, the appearance of the Apache among the candidates abruptly changed the scenario.

This generated an important internal politics because an important part of the leadership wanted Vitamina Sánchez to be the new DT. But the one that will come, finally, is Carlos Tevez.

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