Gate Talk #61

As an effect of the decrease in income, data from the end of 2021 from the Credit Protection Service (SPC) show that 46% of excessively indebted Brazilians are young people between 25 and 29 years old, and 19% of those who are in debt are also in the age group of 18. to 24 years old. Part of the explanation for this lies in the lack of financial education.

In this episode of Conversa de Portão, financial education specialist Mari Ferreira talks about the importance of organizing finances to have a peaceful old age. “It is understandable that we have so many young people in this situation because the look at finance is very recent. But it is important that this is a passing phase”, he says. from 3:44 of the above file.

“It is necessary to understand the need and urgency of looking at the numbers and wanting to get out of this situation, because the way we are going it will be difficult to have a dignified life in old age, it will be a life of dependence on social programs and family.”

Mari says that black and peripheral people still find it more difficult to organize themselves financially, and this has a reason. “If we are in this complicated situation, it is because we have a complicated past in which financial education was never a priority” (from 12:28 of the above file).

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