Gate Talk #62

In this episode of Conversa de Portão, Isis Almeida, from the project “Se organiza, linda”, discusses personal organization with journalists Jéssica Moreira and Mayara Penina. She explains that personality, social context, culture and time of life are some of the reasons that can attribute to someone the characteristic of being punctual or not.

“When we talk about black women and men and those from the periphery, we need to look at these issues related to urban mobility, we need to look at what public policies they access in order to arrive punctually at their destination”, says Isis. “From that, we have to devise strategies to avoid delays on an ongoing basis” (from 5:47 of the above file).

Isis says that 98% of the public she attends is made up of black women between 25 and 45 years old. In common, they have the fact that they are very overworked. “Some know that they are overloaded and look for an external look to pay attention to the organization and planning, to get it off paper and take it into their routine.”

Others, however, do not even recognize that they are overloaded and, therefore, do not identify the reasons that lead to disorganization and, consequently, delays. “We work either to reduce this burden or for them to see and start working on your organization so that in the future they can be in a position to delegate” (from 6:55 of the above file).

For the consultant, organization is the macro problem, planning is a way to go and productivity is the consequence. “Seeking productivity cannot be the beginning. For you to get organized, you need to focus on some issues, understand what your problems are and only then adhere to a method” (from 21:27 of the above file).

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