Gender and work: a conversation that must remain on the table

The pandemic has changed the way we live and work, and we womenIn particular, we have been disproportionately affected by this global change, where millions of mothers with school-age children have lost their jobs and very few have returned to the workforce.

Despite this, we continue working to advance and grow professionally. According to the most recent HP Inc. study: HP Global Survey on Workplace Trends & Gender Equity, one in three women applied for job promotions last year.

Among the companies surveyedthe main reason this request has been made is to increase income (60%) and willingness to take on more responsibilities (37%). The most relevant, and at the same time worrying according to the study, is that 42% of women say they are looking for a job promotion because they are already doing higher level tasks that do not correspond to their positioncompared to 31% of men who say the same.

An IT worker can lift his family out of poverty

These figures allow us to see that we are increasingly aware of our importance in the workplace and we seek to position ourselves as great business leaders. As a woman, it was very important for me to have examples of powerful, ambitious and very capable women who have been part of the company, and who helped me understand that there are no barriers to growth and development.

At the same timework hand in hand with leading women in the technology sector It has allowed me to see how interpersonal relationships between teams improve and objectives are met more easily. For this reason, it is also very relevant that this is not only a task for us. According to studies carried out in countries of the OECD, increasing women’s participation in the labor force leads to faster economic growth.

How can we help and promote gender equality in the workforce?

In the study cited above, almost half of the women surveyed (46%) believe that hybrid schemes are the most flattering compared to office work. So encouraging this modality is key, since thanks to the flexibility it provides, it allows companies to maintain the workforce of women and minorities, and it gives us the opportunity to distribute our time among other issues of our daily lives.

Alberto Barbieri: “In the last five years, enrollment in Engineering has increased by 45%”

Diversity and inclusion are issues that should be on the daily agenda of all organizations. For this reason, and aware that this is not a goal, but a path, in our company we want female talent to stand out and for more women to lead the company, supporting them in their professional growth, through training programs and initiatives. inclusion, such as the program that promotes diversity in Latin America: HP Elevate Women, that transforms the way in which women and technology are traditionally related, attracting and motivating candidates to develop successful and long-term careers in the company’s commercial area in Latin America.

The other objective, to retain the talent

As a company we are committed toAchieve a 50/50 gender ratio in leadership positions by 2030, becoming the first technology company fortune 100 in making this promise.

Our invitation is that more companies join this purpose. Despite the current difficulties, we want to continue advancing in the workplace and organizations must commit to accompanying the next generation of women leaders.

We are indebted to a genre that has historically fought against the current. We are firm believers that an equal workforce is possible. The great leaders of organizations must continue to bring the conversation to the table: one that is sometimes uncomfortable, that not everyone likes, but that is necessary to facilitate a path that should already be simple, such as that of equal access to the labor force.

For my part, I take a very big responsibility and it is jPlay an important role in inspiring more women to work in technology. That, like me, they feel that barriers and limits do not exist when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams.

* MD HP Inc. Colombia

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