Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, former Chief Sanitary Doctor Gennady Onishchenko

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, former Chief Sanitary Doctor Gennady Onishchenko

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

– … Gennady Grigorievich, hello! Once again Happy Holidays! It was Onishchenko’s assistant who disturbed you – on behalf of my friends for Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda. Now in social networks, especially, and in some media, they write and say that a new strain of Omicron has appeared. This one is kind of dangerous. Please calm us down or, conversely, scare us! How can we be, what should I tell my friends and colleagues?

– Well, firstly, Omicron has changed his appearance several times since his appearance.

– That’s a bastard!

– It’s impossible to say that his new appearance is some kind of stunning news, but it’s also not necessary to underestimate,

Omicron is a rather contagious, but slightly virulent strain.

Let’s break down this phrase…

– Contagious means infectious, more infectious than everyone else, and virulent means its virulence is less than those previous strains.

– And virulence – let’s also explain!

– This means danger, the severity of the course of the disease.

– All. I learned it myself, but it’s just for friends.

– But we have already taught it five times!

– I understand, but all the same, so that people do not look in dictionaries …

– For two years, our country knows the medical terminology quite well.

But that’s not the point. So, to say that this is something that goes beyond the scope is impossible. Moreover, our social landscape has changed dramatically today, schoolchildren are divided, they are all on vacation, students are dispersed, they take exams, tests and also go on vacation.

It will be literally another week of exams, well, two maximum – for those who are not particularly diligent there, they will have to take the ends and tails.

– Not not diligent many too.

– What?

– Well, there are also a lot of not diligent students.

– Alexander Petrovich, let’s not find fault with words.

But these are not those huge masses of people who are constantly in very close interaction in the subway, in classes, in lecture halls, in laboratories, and so on. This is good.

It is impossible to say that there are some signs that it (the new Omicron. – A.G.) kills the immunity that we had and still has. Therefore, even today we do not raise the question of the return of the mask regime.

But for those who need to be revaccinated, I would recommend doing so. Who has reached the deadline. Those who for two years have not learned the need for vaccination, nevertheless, let this appearance of the “new Omicron” encourage them to vaccinate. Therefore, today, – well, that is, you can’t be relaxed, but you don’t need to panic either. And to carry out those, in general, the measures that are.

If someone in your family is sick…

– No, thank God.

– … wear a mask to him if an adult. If this is a child, you need to wear masks.

To date, in Moscow, the rates of cases, primarily those hospitalized (because hospitalizations are the first sign of the severity of the course of the disease) – well, are constantly at very low numbers. It is very good.

– Understood. And say more. Here you have advised to be revaccinated. And this is six months later, right? Here is after vaccination.

– Yes. Those who have been vaccinated must be revaccinated in six months. Who forgot to do this or waved it off, do not do this.

– I mean, brush it off.

– Of course.

– And I also wanted to ask, doctor, I’ve lost about three kilograms now, I’ve lost weight – this is from stress, from interviews, an abundance of interviews, including with you …

– Not! Probably, this is all from the fact that you watch your diet. And a beneficial effect on you, after all, turns out to be.

– As for the New Omicron…

– You don’t need to relax.

– Understood. Thank you Doctor! Thank you very much!

– Please!

– I hug. Happily!


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