Gennady Zyuganov.

Gennady Zyuganov.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– … Gennady Andreevich, Comrade General Secretary, this is Zyuganov’s assistant calling you.

– Comrade Gamov, hello. I congratulate you on the Day of Proletarian Solidarity, the Day of the International Rallying of All Progressive Forces. Long live Gamov! Hooray!

Long live Comrade General Secretary! Hooray! Speaking in all seriousness, tell me how today’s holiday differs from all the previous ones, and where are you now, Comrade General Secretary?

– Well, I’m moving towards Red Square. Today we will have a rally there, nearby, on Revolution Square, we will congratulate and greet.

Today we have mass events, car rallies all over the country, we send additional convoys to our friends in the Donbass, in Ridna Ukraine for the working people.

We are doing everything to make this solidarity visible, tangible, and above all, it is care for children, women, and the elderly.

We accept a large group of children, we hold matinees together with them, meetings.

It is necessary that in the face of all the threats that have been announced to the country, working people should feel solidarity. I hope it goes well.

Unfortunately, the fifth column does not sleep, I look, then one, then the second, then the third … Nevertheless, without solidarity and cohesion, there would have been no victory in May 45th.

Therefore, today we are demonstrating not just unity of action, but the will to new victories, and I am sure that victory will be ours.

– You, just like Molotov in 1941, say: “Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, Victory will be ours!”

– Now the time is even more dangerous and difficult. Some underestimate that our civilization is being challenged.

And the pinnacle of Russian civilization was Soviet power. The USSR was the smartest, bravest, most educated, most victorious space country in the world.

Now many people understand this and begin to appreciate it.

I recently read carefully the interview of Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council. And I was glad, finally, those main ideas that we had been uttering for 20 years, sounded from very responsible lips – both about the need for cohesion, and about the need to take all the best from the Soviet era, and understand what threats we face, to be smart, educated. The achievements of the Soviet school were also highly appreciated.

So there is progress, but we need to work more energetically.

– Even more energetic! Thank you very much, Comrade General Secretary.

– With a holiday of all, with May Day! Come on, let’s work, let’s work. Hug you.

– Happy Holidays! Hooray!

– Hooray! Till.

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