Cristina Kirchner speaks on the Day of Militancy 20221117
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the act of Cristina Kirchner This Thursday in La Plata left a lot of political intertwining, and the president of the UCR, Gerardo Moralesconsidered that the vice president is fulfilling a strategic electoral campaign plan and is already a candidate“. ANDno dialogue with Marcelo Bonelli in very early saturdayby Radio Mitre, Morales maintained that the triumph of Lula da Silva in Brazil encouraged not only Cristina “but also Mauricio Macri”, with whom the Jujuy governor maintains a special critical level in each of his statements within Together for Change.

From Río Negro, as part of a tour of the country (also campaigning), Morales criticized Fernández de Kirchner, who in his last speech was more moderate: I heard her raise a call for dialogue after having broken the dialogue in the Senate, we had to deal with the 2023 Budget and they had an attitude of failing to comply with a Court ruling. It is clear that they have cheated on the issue of the Council of the Magistracy.”

Cristina Kirchner in the act in La Plata for the Day of the Militancy

The controversy in the Council of the Magistracy

The provincial president also questioned the play of the head of the Senate to get Martín Doñate appointed to the Judicial Council. The former president split the Frente de Todos block in two and managed to keep the position of the second minority. If that movement had not been made, the place would have corresponded to the senator of Juntos por el cambio Louis Judge.

“In the case of the Council of the Magistracy it is not for juristsit is clear that they have cheated. The representation is for the majority and the other for the minority and they divided the block, I gave them the number and they kept everything, “he criticized.

The Cámpora wins the Magistracy: Deputies appointed Rodolfo Tailhade as counselor

Morales asked people not to forget that Cristina Kirchner is part of the Government, beyond her attempts to detach herself: “People have to be attentive, they cannot be believed, she is the leader of the Frente de Todos that has sunk the ship. In January 2020 the deficit of public companies was 1,700 million dollars, now it is at 5,300. In two and a half years they increased the deficit by almost 4,700 and appointed 16,000 new employees.”

Gerardo Morales 20220408
Gerardo Morales

Regarding the economic crisis that the country is suffering, the president of radicalism warned about the lack of foreign currency: “Every time there are no dollars in the Central Bank since Kirchnerism, the first thing they do is blame the countryside or the businessmen with that retrograde anti-business conception”. And he accused CFK of being “responsible for everything that has been happening in the country because she is the one who leads the Frente de Todos”, since for him, “the President is absent from everyday decision-making to solve the country’s problems.

For Morales, the PRO suffers a leadership crisis

The governor of Jujuy thinks that there is “friction” in the opposition coalition, but that “we are working to organize ourselves because there is a leadership crisis especially in the PRO”. “The radicals are quite ordered in that sense beyond the fact that we have differences,” he stressed.

“That sometimes we have some discussions, that we have to stop to focus on the government plan, every time we start arguing publicly we move away from the people’s agenda“, he insisted.

He also made it clear that “we are not going to break Together for Change”; given that he believes that it is “an opportunity to get out of the abyss in which the Front of All has subjected us.”

Your candidacy

“We need a government plan, which we are going to have by April of next year. I think that crossed formulas will help achieve that coalition government. We want a radical president, I want to be president of the Argentines“, hill.

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