Gerardo Morales spoke about a possible candidacy for president of Mauricio Macri: "I'm not going to vote for him"

Already Elisa Carrio I had assured that Mauricio Macri wants to compete again for the Presidency in 2023 – a possibility anticipated by THE NATION– She wasn’t going to choose him. And the leader of the Civic Coalition (CC)-Ari was joined today by the governor of Jujuy, Gerard Morales, who emphatically stated: “I’m not going to vote for him.”

The president of the north, who makes noise in Together for Change (JxC) for the open criticism he issues towards his Pro partners, has already anticipated that he wants to keep the representation of the opposition in the race for the Casa Rosada. “I want a radical president”, The head of the historic party affirmed this Sunday, after denying Macri the accompaniment. “I am going to work with other options, but it is your right”, bounded in Radio with you.

This is how he got rid of a possible candidacy of the former president and insisted that he is preparing “from below” and that he is “paddling” to see if he can win the opposition inmate next year. “I like to row and fight it. We row. I love politics and challenges. Let’s see how we get there.”he stated, sure that the Cambiamites have good names to compete with and that the list of candidates will become narrower when the contest approaches. “We are going to arrive very organized from JxC, without so much noise, organized leadership”, he expressed hope.

Morales, who came with an escalation of questions to the head of the Buenos Aires Executive, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, united with the local president in resisting the liberal national deputy Javier Milei join the coalition. Now, after discounting that Rodríguez Larreta will compete at the national level, the governor came forward and said firmly: “Martín is going to be head of government in the City.”

With Martin he referred to Martin Lousteau, the senator who leads Radical Evolution and who has already activated tours of the Capital to try to establish himself next year in the birthplace of Pro.

Meanwhile, Morales again minimized the figure of Milei and said that he “does not believe” that he will reach the Presidency in 2023. “He does not know what happens to people in the most vulnerable sectors,” He insisted on the deputy who still generates friction in JxC over whether or not to establish an alliance with the economist that figures like him, Rodríguez Larreta or María Eugenia Vidal oppose.

But with the mayor of the capital not everything is coincidence. After the president of Pro said that the next government “is not going to have 100 days, but 100 hours to give clear and forceful signals” -something that was interpreted in some sectors as a “shock plan”-, the radical He was measured: “There will be decisions to be made, perhaps immediately, but these serious macroeconomic problems cannot be solved overnight, nor will the problem of the tremendous fiscal deficit that this government is going to leave. You have to tell people the truth.”

Looking ahead to next year, Morales then supported the creation of an economic plan “more federal, developmentalist, productivist and less orthodox”. He translated it like this: “[Un plan] that are not the ten apples of the city, but the country. And that not only solves the macroeconomy, but the micro”.

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