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German boat driver from fatal Lake Garda accident probably at large

Italian forensic experts assess the damage after the boat accident in June 2021.

Two men built an accident in Lake Garda in 2021 that killed two Italians. Now the driver should be free again.

Italian forensic experts assess the damage after the boat accident in June 2021. © Gabriele Strada/AP/dpa

The man from Munich was released from house arrest on July 18, according to the newspapers “Corriere della Sera” and “Brescia Oggi” reported on Friday.

On the night of June 19, 2021, the man ran over and killed two Italians in a boat.

A court in the northern Italian city of Brescia sentenced him to four years and six months in prison in March. His friend, who was also on the boat, got two years and eleven months. The judgments are not yet final. The defense has already announced an appeal, and the public prosecutor is also considering this.

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Neither the court nor the defenders of the Munich spoke at the request of the German Press Agency on Friday.

The man from Bavaria was able to leave house arrest after almost a year. According to media reports, the condition is that he no longer comes to Lake Garda. The court accordingly issued a residence ban for the provinces of Brescia, Verona and Trento, where the popular holiday lake in northern Italy is located.

It was not initially known whether the man could return to Germany.

Raffaele Nedrotti (M.R.) and his wife Nadia (M.L.), parents of Greta, who died in a boat collision on Lake Garda, before the Brescia trial. © Antonio Calanni/AP/dpa

On the night of June 2021, Umberto Garzarella and Greta Nedrotti died when their wooden boat was rammed head-on by the luxury speedboat of the two Germans. The two tourists were drunk.

They stated in the process that they had not noticed the collision. They assumed flotsam. The court believed them, but still found them guilty of negligent homicide.

“It doesn’t change anything for me if he’s under house arrest or if he’s free,” Garzarella’s father told the Ansa news agency on Friday. No judgment is appropriate for the suffering that he and Greta’s parents have to experience. “I died inside.”

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At the beginning of the trial, the surviving relatives had agreed on compensation for pain and suffering with the insurance company of the co-driver who owns the boat.

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