German Finance Minister: "We will not be blackmailed" by Russia

The German Finance Minister, Christian Lindner, said this Saturday that the Government will not allow itself to be blackmailed by Russia, regarding the payment in rubles for the gas supply, and stressed the need to end Moscow’s energy dependence.

“No. We will not be blackmailed,” replied Christian Lindner in an interview with the Mannheimer Morgen newspaper, when asked whether Germany should pay for gas in rubles in an emergency and thus respond to Vladimir Putin’s demand.

Moscow recently ordered gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria to be cut off, as those countries refused to make payments in Russian currency.

Asked about the possibility of Russia doing the same to Germany, the finance minister stressed the importance of the country led by Olaf Scholz becoming “independent” in terms of energy “as soon as possible”.

“We continue to pay on the basis of gas supply contracts in euros and dollars. But at the moment, who can rule out anything when it comes to Vladimir Putin?”, pointed out the German ruler.

The liberal minister has categorically excluded carrying out transfers in rubles and refused to feed “catastrophic scenarios”.

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